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Stephen Loman’s mother praised for her support during main event

The main event of Brave 13: Europe Evolution witnessed Conor McGregor and his team arriving in support to Frans Mlambo.

However, Stephen Loman’s mother reached to Belfast to support her son during his first title defence. Throughout the week, Naty Nabehet was a part of the fight team that helped Loman to prepare for his title defence.

During the bout, even the support from Conor McGregor wasn’t able to overcome Loman who was supported by his mother from the audience. The bout ended up with Loman defending his championship by unanimous decision.

The support, determination and bravery of Naty Nabehet were hailed and praised as she joined the main stage celebrating the victory of her son.

Stephen Loman is the youngest fighter from the Philippines to defend his championship in the United Kingdom and the youngest fighter in Brave Combat Federation to win a championship.

“I am so proud of my son. Because he made a choice and did follow it through. And he is a good fighter and humble. He had trained hard for every fight. So, all we have to do is to give him our full support. Of course, we pray a lot and he will be protected. I think he did well and we are all very proud of him. The family, friends and the loved ones back home are really proud of him.”, said┬áNaty Nabehet Loman.

Frankie Anderson

MMA fan from Glasgow, Scotland.