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It is an old custom for the wisest to stay humble and wait for the opportunity to arise

What springs to mind when you hear the name Alexander Gustafsson? Warrior, legend, defeater of many? Through out his career he has shown grace in defeat, stared adversity in the eyes and laughed.

But the one topic that stands out for me is his patience, and his ability to not let other fighters title opportunities deter him from his ultimate goal. Becoming UFC light heavyweight champion.

With Daniel Cormier’s ascent to the heavyweight division to challenge Stipe Miocic back in July and the mauler’s rank being raised to #1 contender shortly after.

DC’S next opponent seems destined to be Brock Lesnar for the heavyweight strap. “I respect that [Cormier vs. Lesnar] is a big fight and a money fight,” Gustafsson said. “But the way that he says I have to do something spectacular…I think it’s a bad thing for him to say because I’m ranked No. 1 and I’ve fought everyone in the division. “It’s not up to him to decide something like that. I don’t know what he means by that. I’ve been fighting everybody and waiting for an opportunity like everyone else to fight for the belt.”

A statement in retaliation to DC’S harsh words towards the Mauler’s title hopes in a tweet back in April:

“Alex, what exactly have you accomplished in your career? I’ve earned the right to retire on top. Your greatest accomplishment is two close losses. Congrats on the new contract now go fight. It’s been two years. Enough with the sociel media. #gofight”

It seems the Mauler’s time has finally come and his patience has reached its golden boiling point. With the inevitable stripping of DC’S light heavyweight strap, and Jon “Bones” Jones return to the octagon. It’s undoubtedly enevitlble that we see the patience of the Vikings fight for the gold hit a blockbuster of an end in the pair’s second meeting. Whether it was morning evening noon or night I hope you’ve enjoyed this article.

Aaron East

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