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Celtic Gladiator Academy: London live results

’9 March 2019 at The Civic Hall in London, England. A night of professional and amateur mixed martial arts pits the best in domestic and European talent head to head on an epic night in Grays! Follow the live results below.

Maciej Sosowski def Ben Earls via TKO (round 1)

Felix Klinkhammer def Peter Vasylenko due to sub (head and arm triangle) (round 1)

Lukasz Marcinkoweski def David Panfini via TKO (round 1)


Dawid Oscar def Brian Mengeli via TKO (round 1)

Logan Baldini def Vladislavs Dergacovos via sub (RNC) (round 1)

Eliot Greenhill def Marty Hartson via unanimous decision

Ashley Kyriacou def Marcus Stevenson via TKO (round 1)

Yuki Angdembe def Manolas Nikitas via unanimous decision