Five Fighters Cut From The UFC Roster

Five Fighters Cut From The UFC Roster


The UFC has easily the largest rosters of fighters on it’s books and is the top MMA promotion in the world. With that status comes huge attention and a plethora of fighters trying to impress and get into the promotion. With all this competition comes the need to cut fighters who haven’t performed as expected. Today is the final day for five, once promising warriors.

One of the bigger cuts isĀ The Ultimate Fighter Season 16 winner Colton Smith. Smith may have won the show but he didn’t win many fans after feigning touching gloves only to immediately take his opponent down. He was also far from impressive once he received his UFC contract, being finished in Ā three straight bouts, and as such the UFC decided to cut ties with the active duty army ranger.

Another standout name now having to find employment elsewhere is Strikeforce veteran Pat Healy.Ā After a shocking submission win againstĀ Jim Miller at UFC 159, things took a turn for the worse with that victory being changedĀ to a no contest afterĀ Healy failed a drug test. Things didn’t improve as Healy then went on to lose 4 fights in a rowdy decision leaving the UFC brass no option but to give him his walking paper.

The other threeĀ cuts the UFC made wereĀ Estevan Payan, Chris Indich, and Dave Galera.

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