Gustafsson Injury Not Serious As We Thought



In a recent post on his Facebook page, the injured Alexander Gustafsson sent out a video message to his supported thanking them for their supports and confirming the injury isn’t too serious with just a few weeks needed for him to recover.

Unfortunately it was serious enough to force him out of UFC 178 in a rematch against Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

In his video Alex says:

“Hi guys, thanks for all the support and all the messages. It means a lot to me. I got an knee injury; it’s not very serious, but I need to take care of it. It’s a small issue that’s been with me and it’s not a long recovery time … a few weeks. I’m disappointed, I really wanted to fight at (UFC) 178, but I can’t. I will watch it for sure. It’s a great card. We have a UFC event here in Sweden in Stockholm for October. I will be there watching and supporting all of my guys that are fighting. That’s about it, thanks again for everything and I’m going to come back much stronger.”

In his place steps Daniel Cormier and you can bet ‘The Mauler’ will be watching their battle eagerly to see who he may face on his return.

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