Michael Bisping – Cung Le Is Phony

Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping will fight Cung Le this saturday in Macao. Compared to previous fights Bisping is usually loud and always hyping up his fights with lots of smack talk.

Bisping has been relatively quiet on the trash talk for this fight but finally has lashed out at his opponent.

Cung Le is a bit of a phony.   I went to Macao for the launch press conference with Cung Le in June, and I was very polite, very professional.  I exchanged all the pleasantries, gave him all the small talk as you are supposed to in these situations and I even went as far as pretending to be absolutely blown away that he’s apparently friends with “Channing Tatum” Bisping said “Basically, I went out of my way to be nice to him and everything was civil.  We promoted the fight, shook hands, and went back home to train for the fight.  I see him on UFC.com doing a Fight Club Q and A and he’s talking a load of bollocks about me.  Basically, he’s jumped on the same old, boring bandwagon everyone else who fights me does with is to say what a smack-talker I am while, as always, they are the ones who talk crap first.  What a phony,….     One fan at the Q and A  asked him what his game plan was and he said “Flying tornado kicks and thunder and lightning!”  What does he think we are going to be doing in the Venetian Macao? Playing Tekken 4? It was another cheesy, embarrassing line from a cheesy embarrassing actor.

This is more like the Bisping we know but why has he been quiet up until now. Was he showing respect which he rarely does to other fighters or is it a lack of confidence. Whatever it was we know one thing and that this is a must win for the Count.

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