Video: The MMA Community Take On The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Part One

Every day your Facebook and Twitter feeds will be flooded with a new YouTube video of the latest celebrity having freezing water tipped over them in a bid to raise millions of dollars to fight the illness ALS.

Yes, for once the internet has a craze that’s actually for a good cause.

Well the MMA community is no different and they too have joining in to help raise awareness and money for ALS.

Check out the video above to watch fighters and MMA personalities alike rising to the challenge.

So what is ALS?

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) affects the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons degenerate and die which makes it increasingly difficult to move muscles.

In the UK the illness is often referred to as motor neurone disease (MND), and the leading organisation is the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

In the US it is also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, named after the all-time great baseball player who was stricken with the illness in 1939.

For more information on ALS and to find out how to donate go to or

And check out Part Two here.

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