“I can’t see it go past a minute.” Conor McGregor’s Head Coach


UFC Featherweight contender Conor McGregor has been accused of looking past veteran Dennis Siver when they meet in the Octagon on January 18 and who can blame critics for believe that when he’s stating he’ll finish Siver within two minutes and can’t see any scenario in which that isn’t the case.

Well now McGregors head coach John Kavanagh has put in his two cents and he’s not helped matters……he actually believes Conor has doubled his overestimated Siver.

“I don’t know, I think [McGregor’s] wrong to be honest,” Kavanagh told Independent.ie. “I can’t see it go past a minute.”

But quick to come to his fighters defence, Kavanagh says they aren’t looking past Silver, just preparing for what could be to come.

“It’s just fact,” said Kavanagh. “This has been seen coming for a long time. In interviews you’re asked, ‘What do you think of your next opponent? What do you think of the next fight?’ So you have to answer. Now, when fans hear the answer they go, ‘Oh, he’s looking past the next opponent. We’re not.”

“You’ve asked the question so we give the answer, but in the gym, every day, the preparation is the same,” said Kavanagh. “No matter who he ends up facing. If it’s Siver, great. If he drops out and Cub Swanson steps in, great. It doesn’t make a difference. The preparation is done as best as we can and then in interviews if you’re asked to project where we are a year or two from now, you try to give answers.

“By no means are we in the gym kicking back with cigars and whiskey saying, ‘Well, we can chill past this guy and let’s focus on the Aldo fight.

UFC president Dana White has confirmed that McGregor will be awarded a title shot with a win over Siver in Boston, with a possible eye on a huge box-office Ireland card.

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