Younger takes gold in Munich

ellisAt 19 years old, self taught Jiu Jitsu blue belt Ellis Younger has an impressive collection of medals for anyone let alone at the the age of 19. Ellis had travelled the world including Brazil, Denmark, America among other places. On his travels he has picked up many medals including gold in the Scotia cup, gold in the british open, IBJJF silver in the Paris open and bronze in the IBJJF no gi European open. His passion for Jiu Jitsu and the will to learn from everyone he can has seen him have much success so far in his BJJ journey.

Last weekend he competed in the IBJJF Munich winter open and picked up a gold medal to take back to his gym North east jiu jitsu. A fantastic accomplishment for anyone let alone a self taught 19 year old blue belt. It looks like the future is bright for Younger and we at MMA UK wish him all the best! Well done Ellis.

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