Rage In The Cage 3

Rage In The Cage 3

rage cage 3

Fightstar promotions proudly present Rage in the Cage 3.

This is the show everyone has been waiting for with fighters from Cage warriors, Bellator and Bamma. As well as UFC legend Ian “THE MACHINE” Freeman and the awesome Grant Waterman as referee.

Rage in the Cage 3 will feature an eight man tournament; winner takes all £10,000 prize.

The 8 fighters who will be competing in the tournament are

Jack Marshman 16w 5 L fighting out of tiller combat mma

Kyle Redfearn 7w 5L fighting out of NEVT

Denniston Sutherland 20w 12L fighting out of team Crossface

John Phillips 16w 6 L fighting out of Chris Rees academy

John Redmond 5w 8L fighting out of team ryano mma

Pawel Hadas 3w 1L fighting out of gracie barra chorzow

Jonas Billstein 13w 4 L fighting out of combat club

Charlie Ward 0w 0L Fighting out of straight blast gym.



Fighstar Promotions Fightstar Promotions Fighstar Promotions Fighstar PromotionsFighstar Promotions Fighstar Promotions Fightstar Promotions Fighstar Promotions

Like us on Facebook Follow us on Google PlusThe undercard so far consists of

Dave Mason VS Alexander Campbell

Andy Reid VS ????????

Graham Turner VS Joel Suarez 6w 1L

Martian Delaney VS Javier Fuentes 8w 0L

Markus Di Gallo 11w 10L VS Jimmy Justices Millar

Rage in the Cage 3 will be at the lagoon leisure centre in paisley saturday 21st march.

tickets can be bought at www.ticketweb.co.uk/rage-in-the-cage-3

You can also find additional information at Rage in the Cage



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