MMA Battle Arena – Oxford – Kassam Stadium – Play by Plays and Results




Battle Arena – 25/7/2015


Liam Parkes vs Lionel Alexis


Round 1- Touch of gloves, a leg kick is thrown by Alexis followed by another hard leg kick. They clinch, Alexis has the body lock and trips Parks into the full mount. Parkes reverses and ends up on top throwing shots to the body. Parkes leaves his arm in and Alexis threatens the arm bar. Alexis uses this to scamble. They stand and Alexis moves in for the takedown again and gets it. But he chooses to stand. Alexis is throwing hard right hands one of which lands. Alexis moves in to clinch again and takes his opponent down for the third time and threatens with shots to the body.  Fight goes into a stalemate and Alexis chooses to stand. Alexis comes forward hard and fasts and lands good lefts and rights flustering Parkes. Round End


Round 2- Round starts and Alexis comes out looking for the KO. he lands a nice hook which is stunning Parkes but Alexis is looking like he’s too much and continues to threatens the finish, Parkes is looking gassed now and rocked hard! Alexis is coming out with strong knees but Parkes is blocking well so Alexis starts throwing his hands again, it proves too much and the ref stops it.


Winner via TKO in round 2 Lionel Alexis.




Fight 2-


Emma Smith vs Laura Handy


Round 1- Handy comes in fast with an immediate takedown attempt but leaves her neck wide open, Smith looking for a guillotine from standing but Handy picks her up and drops her, hand on top but chooses to stand. handy landing some solid right hands over the top, Smith comes in with the body kick but its caught by Handy who takes the supporting leg and throws her to the ground. Smith stands up is immediately rocked by the right hand of Handy. Smith clinches up in an attempt to recover. Handy body locks and takes her down, theres a scramble and Handy ends up on top looking for the arm bar. Just as she secures the armbar the bell sounds for the end of the round.


Round 2- Laura is looking ready for round two and Smith looking tired. Smith rushes forward to get the takedown but is thrown beautifully by Smith who ends up on the bottom. Handy is reversed by Smith but leaves her neck open which Handy attacks and gets the guillotine finish.


Winner via submission on round 2 Laura Handy



Fight 3-  Vasil Puya vs James Penderville


Round 1-  Touch of gloves to start and Penderville comes out and pushes Puya away, Puya steps in with and nice right uppercut which knocks Penderville down, penderville comes in for a strong single leg but Puya shows a great sprawl and lands on top on Penderville, Puya stands up over Penderville and threatens with ground strikes. They stand and it’s a back and forth battle with Puya controlling the centre of the cage. penderville is looking banged up and he throws some nice leg kicks. Penderville is doing well with the leg kicks and is holding Puya at bay, Puya staying calm and composed and throws together some one two combinations. the round ends with Penderville throwing a nice leg kick


Round 2- Round starts quickly and Puya starts off with the control of the cage, keeping Penderville on the back foot always looking for the KO. Penderville attempting some leg kicks to try and force control. Puya just walking down his opponent as Penderville throws a nice headkick. The leg kicks looking like they’re taking their toll on Puya as he’s not moving as free as he was. A nice body kick is thrown by Penderville, really favouring the kicks rather than the hands but then immediately starts thawing some nice combinations. Puya looking gassed now and starts checking the leg kicks. Fighters trading shots at the end of round 2.


Round 3-  Fight Ends in-between rounds


Winner via verbal stoppage James Penderville



Fight 4- Liam Ortiz vs Nikko Alonzo


Round 1- Fight starts and Ortiz comes out with anice side kick, Alonzo with some fast feet comes back with some nice shots pushing Ortiz back. Ortiz counters with a strong sidekick that lands, throws it a second time but with no contact, Ortiz throws another kick but Alonzo catches it and takes him down. Alonzo in side control looking for the mount, pins the arm of Ortiz down and starts throwing hammerfists on Ortiz. Doing well at controlling the top Alonzo pins the arm down again. Ortiz looking to use the cage to flip the position but Alonzo does well at staying on top. Round ends with Alonzo on in side control throwing shots to the head.


Round 2- Fighters touch gloves and Oritz starts throwing kicks to the body and then to the leg, both of which lands. Alonzo comes back hard with a barrage of shots, kicks and punches. Alonzo throws a nice left kick to the body. Nikko stalking Oritiz now as Ortiz circles the cage, Nikko throws a kick to the leg but Ortiz checks it. Ortiz starting to look tired now and Alonzo slowing down too but still picking his ounces, Ortiz swings and misses and then throws a strong teep that lands. Alonzo rushes in with kick that lands, Alonzo working the body now as Ortiz turns and throws a nice kick to the body. Round ends.


Round 3- Both fighters looking very tired, the slower of the starts to the round, Ortiz throws a nice spinning back kick but misses and Alonzo comes back hard, Ortiz attempts a flying knee but Alonzo catches and dumps Ortiz onto the canvas hard! Alonzo has the full mount and is attempting to posture up, He postures up but Ortiz is quick to reverse the position and ends up in the guard of Alonzo, but again the position is reversed and Alonzo is the full month for a second time. A hard left is thrown by Alonzo, but is unable to do much more damage as Ortiz looks to switch position again. Fight End


Winner via Decision Nikko Alonzo



Fight 5 – Adrian Molenda vs Owen Gildea


Round 1- Touch of gloves to starts as Gildea spins for a back kick but misses, Molenda comes in for a body lock and then a trip and ends up on top. Moldenda looking to posture up and throw bombs but Gildea is proving to be strong on the bottom controlling the posture of Molenda. Gildea pushes Moldena off but Molenda is quick on the attack and jumps straight back into the guard of Gildea, he passes to half guard and then into the full mount displaying some good jiu jitsu skills. Molenda controlling the top well looking to sit up and work some punches to the head. He does and starts reigning down bombs hard trying to stop the fight but Gildea is doing a great job of defending. Round ends with Gildea narrowly avoiding a stoppage from the ref. Round end.


Round 2-  Molenda looking tired and Gildea looking slightly fresher as he throws a leg kick that narrowly misses. Molenda comes back with a nice kick of his own to close the distance for a nice right hook. Gildea throws another nice leg kick slapping the thigh of Molenda. Fighters circling the cage, the fight turning into a leg kick war, both fighters trading hard leg kicks. Molenda fires in with anice leg kick spinning Gildea around. Fighters exchange with some nice punches being throwing each fighters, Gildea comes in for the takedown but leaves his neck open for Molenda to take, Molenda sinks in a nice guillotine for the submission finish.


Winner via Submission Adrian Molenda.



Fight 6- Jonathan Patrick vs David Khalsa


Round 1- Fighters touch gloves as Khalsa comes in with a head kick to start with, he throws another but Patrick catches it and threatens the takedown, he leaves his neck for khalsa to go for a guillotine, it looks deep but Patrick relentless in attempting to get out which he does, they stand and Khala throws a nice right hand landing well, Khalsa throws another head kick which Patrick catches and takes down again, Patrick takes the back and tries to sink in a RNC, it looks tight but Khalsa slips out, spins and end up in the guard of Jonathan Patrick.


Round 2- (In between rounds Khalsa is looking gassed!) Fighters touch gloves and Patrci throws a nice leg kick, Khalsa looks to takedown Patrick but to no success, a nice knee to the body by Khalsa which Patrick didn’t like, Patrick takes down Khalsa and moves into the half guard of Khalsa. Khalsa looking to control the arms of Patrick but he slips them out and postures up and starts throwing hammerfists. Khalsa brings his legs up and looks to attempt to secure the triangle but it’s seen by Patrick who pulls out stands and then takes the back of Khalsa, he loses position to Khalsa who is on top now in the full mount. Patrick does well to regain half guard shortly before the end of the round.


Round 3- Final round and fitters touch gloves for the last time. Klalsa looking to close the distance but Patrick secures a nice single leg takedown and quickly transitions to the back mount but fails to secure his hooks and Khalsa shakes him off before secure a back mount of his own, he gets the hooks in and attempts a RNC, Khalsa loses grip and turns into the mount. He postures up but looks tired, he’s throwing heavy punches however but not for long, looking really tired. Patrick trying to push Khalsa from the full mount but is unsuccessful. Final 10 seconds and Khalsa is really trying for the finish but just cant get it. Fight End.


Winner via Decision David Khasla



Fight 7- Ashley Paynton vs Shane Weller


Round 1- Fighters touch gloves, Weller comes in with a nice left kick pushing Paynton into the cage, he’s quick to fire back with a good right hand. Paynton clinches up and secures a body lock and then drags Weller to the ground. neither fighter doing much at the moment but Weller reverses position and winds up into the full guard. Weller looking to posture up but quick as anything Paynton slides his legs up into the triangle choke, he needs to lock it in but Well to hold on. Weller gives up on the attempt ending up with Paynton on top at the end of the round.


Round 2- Paynton walks towards Weller but is taken down, Paynton securing a rubber guard but Paynton stands up and throws a hard hammer first to the stomach. Fighters stand and they both throw hard right hands that land one after the other. Weller blocks a head kick and takes the supporting leg of Paynton and takes him down. they scramble and Paynton secures a deep guillotine and submits Weller.


Winner via submission Ashley Paynton


Fight 8 – Jordan Bowyer vs Darren Edwards


Round 1- Fighters touch gloves, Bowyer throwing a nice left right combo to start the proceedings and then comes forward for a nice double leg, he attempts to pass half guard but is unsuccessful. Edwards doing a nice job at staying calm and composed, doing well at controlling the posture not allowing Bowyer to do much. Body, body head from Bowyer. Ref calling for action from either fighter and threatens the stand up. a punch to the head from Bowyer, trying to get his other arm free to land more shots but Edwards is just pinning him down, the ref stands them up. Fighters clinch up and Edwards trips Bowyer and passes into side control. Bowyer pulling on the head of Edwards to help him adjust and switch control but Edwards is wary of the reversal and stays in side control. Bowyer tries to use the cage to stand but is unsuccessful and leaves him arm open for an armbar attempt but runs out of time.



Round 2- Fighters come out and clinch immediately and Edwards pulls guard, Edwards looking to secure an arm and a leg but it unsuccessful. Bowyer pulls his arm out and starts reigning down bombs and gives up position allowing Edwards to stand and take Bowyer down. Fighters are against the cage and Edwards is standing right over him but is caught in a deep triangle, it looks really deep but Edwards pulls out and moves into the full mount. Edwards looking for an arm to secure an americana and then onto the back mount but Bowyer turns into him and is now in full guard. Edwards staying active off of his back though not allowing anything to really land hard from Bowyer. Ref threatens the stand up again but Bowyer postures up and lands some nice shots from the top. Edwards breaks Bowyers posture and pulls him in closer so no more shots can be landed. round ends.


Round 3- Fighters touch gloves and Bowyer goes to work, throwing a solid right hand followed by a left head kick. Starting to tee off on Edwards now Bowyer switches to a takedown but is reversed and Edwards is on top in half guard. Edwards looking for an arm triangle but loses it, a triangle attempt from Bowyer but Edwards slips out. Edwards standing over Bowyer and switches to a leg lock but loses it and Bowyer moves to the full guard. Red threatening the stand up again but Bowyer again tees off, Edwards doing a good job of avoiding any damage and breaks posture. Bowyer sits up and lands a hard right hand to the face of Edwards. Bowyer just staying busy enough to keep the action on the ground but no real damage is being issued to Edwards, final 10 seconds and Bowyer still throwing shots. Fight end


Winner via Decision Jordan Bowyer.




Fight 9 Attila Hanzel vs Jack Fletcher



Round 1- Fighters touch gloves , Fletcher gets the trip quickly and is on half guard, does well to transition into the month, postures up and starting reigning down bombs, Hanze does well to control the posture to stop the barrage of shots. Fletcher takes the back and quickly secures in a deep RNC to finish the fight



Winner via Submission Jack Fletcher.

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