Colin ‘Freakshow’ Fletcher Moves To Welterweight Following Health Scare

Colin ‘Freakshow’ Fletcher Moves To Welterweight Following Health Scare


Former UFC fighter and ever-popular fans wherever he goes, BAMMAs Colin ‘Freakshow’ Fletcher (11-5) has confirmed he will to move up to the Welterweight division due discovering a potentially career threatening health issue.

The Sunderland-based 32-year old spoke exclusively to to explain his decision and what led to the situation:

“Over the last few fights I’ve starved myself to death to make weight and it resulted in a quite serious health issue that could have ended my career. I also feel it’s compromised my power, grit and pure hunger to win.

I did well early in my career at Welterweight and I moved to Lightweight because I could basically. I’m not sure it was the best choice health wise and it nearly cost me my career! So now I’m looking forward to putting a “Freaky” spin on the Welterweight division and I’ll be working harder to elevate my strength and power.

The Welterweights don’t know what’s coming! Freakshow 2.0 arrives sooner than you think Heheeheehee”

Best of luck to ‘Freakshow’ on your move up, stay healthy.

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