With BAMMA 22 just a few weeks away, the promotion today announced Vanessa Deegan & Zoe Hamilton as Ireland’s BAMMA Belles.  BAMMA.com sat down with the Irish beauties to get a quick interview ahead of what will be a historic night in Dublin at the 3Arena for BAMMA 22.

Tickets are on sale now at http://bit.ly/BAMMA22

1. How was it to get the news that you were one of the newest BAMMA Belles?

Vanessa: “I was over the moon I have always loved the sport and wanted to be a ring girl, this is huge for me as I have been a long time working my way up in the modelling industry.  I started with small shows in boxing rings so I cannot wait to step into this arena with the pleasure of working for BAMMA!”

Zoe: “When I got the news about joining the BAMMA Belles I was in the middle of eating a Subway and I nearly choked on my food I got super excited, such an honour to be asked, so thrilled about it.”

2. What does this event mean to you and Irish MMA?

V: “This is just another great opportunity to shine and look good.. It’s big for Irish MMA everyone is talking about it, it promotes the sport and the love people all over Ireland have for it.”

Z: “It means alot to me because I love being involving in fighting events and I would also like to see it get alot bigger in Ireland. This could be the start of something and I’d be delighted to be involved in it.”

3. Where can the fans find you on social media?

V: “My work can be found on Vanessa Deegan Model on Facebook and the same for Twitter.”

Z: “The fans can find me on my Facebook page under Zoe Hamilton or my Instagram profile under zoeh101 and last but not least my snapchat which is zoeybops, I can be fun sometimes”

4. Are you excited or nervous for the event?

“We would have to say,  more excited then anything at the moment but we know when it gets closer we will get very nervous it can be very nerve-racking, people think it’s so easy like but you can make mistake or fall can easily happen and has done for us so it can be scary.”

5. Which fights/fighters are you most looking forward to seeing?

V: “For now it has to be Redmond vs Davern, I don’t know either fighter personally, but social media is flooded with predictions.. There is drama and build up and that’s what gets the crowd going.”

Z: “I’m looking forward to seeing Conor Cooke fight because I don’t know how, but we are friends on snapchat and I see how he trains and how determined he is so I’m dying to see how well he is at fighting!  I’m also looking forward to the women fights because sometimes they can be better, girls can be little animals and it gets so exciting.”

6. What would you like to see BAMMA do after this event in Ireland?

V: “I would love to see BAMMA straight into organising more events in Ireland as the sport is huge.”

Z: “What I would like to see come from this event is for MMA to be promoted in Ireland and for it to evolve. I also hope it would inspire alot of people including kids to get involved in MMA. There’s nothing better then seeing kids getting involved in something sticking to it and growing alot from it, and getting different achievements from it.”

7. How would you describe yourself to the BAMMA Audience?

V: “I’m a fun and outgoing person, I love to meet new people, I believe we are all in this life to have fun and make history and stay humble while we do it as they say you only get one chance in life so live it right :)”

Z: “Describing myself? Ha I may not do myself alot of justice, I’m a bit mad in the head, very crazy, very outgoing, always up for anything and very bubbly and energetic. I’m not your normal girly girl, my friends always say I can be a little tomboy, I don’t care what people think of me and I’m very laid back. I also think I’m gas as I crack myself up all the time, but that doesn’t say very much does it? Ha”

8. What’s your favourite thing in Ireland?

V: “St. Patrick’s Day! I love the atmosphere and the love from every race that’s given on this day. The country is crazy full of love and the city is not to be missed on this night!”

Z: “My favourite thing about Ireland would have to be the Irish attitude, everyone can be so friendly and it’s just such a nice place to be.”

9. What should someone whose never been before check out in Dublin?

V: “The whole city is full of attractions and you won’t be disappointed as they are on hand once you get there! Everything is a must see and always just a little walk away once you step into the city of Dublin!”

Z: “The Phoenix Park, the scenery, the museums, the nightlife, there’s actually to many attractions to name, the zoo, Glasnevin Cemetery or the Guinness factory. Oh I could be here all day naming places.”

10. Any message to the fans?

V:  “Get ready to enjoy one hell of a crazy night, blood sweat and tears!”

Z: “THEY BETTER BE A GOOD CROWD! Haha! It’s going to be a great night , and I am really looking forward to it. I can’t wait for everyone to be buzzing to encourage us and I’m so excited to be part of this! I can’t wait to see and meet everyone! Don’t be afraid to come over and say hi! Me and Vanessa love to buzz off everyone! Add,follow and say hey.See yous then”

You can follow Vanessa Deegan on Twitter @VanessaDeegan & @BAMMA

BAMMA 22 at the 3Arena, Dublin on 19th September 2015.  Tickets are on sale at http://bit.ly/BAMMA22