Ireland’s Paul Byrne is looking to create some waves at BAMMA as he brings his unbeaten record to the middleweight division.

Byrne is part of the SBG gym that is making so many waves in MMA at the moment. With the likes of Chris Fields and Conor McGregor as fighting out of that gym it is no surprise to see another SBG fighter amassing a professional record of 5-0.

On SBG, Byrne is only positive about his training experiences so far.

He said: “The coaching and training is unbelievable in SBG.  It’s the best gym I have ever trained in.  No egos and everyone is there to help each other.”

As a result of his so far unblemished record, Byrne has earned an opportunity with BAMMA and will face Conor Cooke (6-6) at BAMMA 22 in a middleweight showdown this September.

While Cooke is an obvious challenge, Byrne said it was the chance of fighting for BAMMA that was the real appeal of taking the fight.

Like so much of the BAMMA 22 card, Byrne will have an opportunity to impress in front of a boisterous home crowd and he is promising a finish.

He said: “Technical powerful strikes, that’s me. I don’t like to leave it to the judges.”

On Cooke, he added: “Cooke looks like a good fighter but I have the tools to beat him as did six opponents before me. I’m on a roll at the moment.

“I think I have a great chance now to create some waves and go 6-0 in September.”

A lot will depend on the outcome of his fight with Cooke, including if there is a future at BAMMA, but with champion Chieck Kone so far looking dominant Byrne will certainly hope that his path leads to him.

Having started in the sport via boxing and Muay Thai, Byrne believes there is no “better place than the cage” to challenge yourself and that is where he gets the most satisfaction.

He added: “That moment when your hand is raised is the best feeling in the world.  I also like the respect from fans and non-fighters.”

BAMMA 22 takes place at the 3Arena, Ireland on 19 September.  Tickets on sale now at