Round 1 – Poirier with a low kick as he circles on the outside. Duffy fires out a quick jab. Dufy’s hands look quick early, but Poirier tags him with a counter. Poirier pushes inside. Quick elbow and they reset. Good pace to start. Both men look sharp. Poirier kicks the body. Duffy with his hands low. Duffy with a right hand. Poirier with a jab and a right. Duffy scores a big right, and Poirier is hurt. He covers on the cage and tries to recover. Duffy just misses a big high kick, and Poirier comes off the fence. He seems OK for now. Uppercut for Dufy. He looks very relaxed, still handing his hands low. Another right for Duffy. Poirier moves into the Thai clinch and delivers a few big shots before wrapping the body and taking the fight to the floor. Duffy gets to a seated position. Poirier steps over the legs to keep him trapped on the floor. Duffy with a few short right hands from the bottom. Poirier postures and wants the guillotine. He punches instead, and Duffy crawls to his feet. Poirier stays tight to the body and looks for the takedown. Duffy fights it off and pulls free. Poirier bleeding from the nose. Duffy with a nice jab. He’s bleeding a bit, too. Big punches from both to close, and a smile at the bell.

Round 2 – Duffy opens with that crisp jab. Poirier circling and looking to counter. Poirier blocks a high kick. He shoots in for the takedown, but Duffy defends and backs up to the cage. Poirier bleeding a bit more from the nose, but he pulls Duffy to the floor. Duffy looks to push down the head and get back to his feet. Poirier not striking a ton but controlling the position. He briefly threatens to take the back, so Duffy settles to the floor to prevent it. Poirier really bleeding, but it’s not impacting his vision. Short shots from Poirier as he controls the position and presses Duffy back to the floor. Duffy active on his back, but he can’t get free. Poirier landing big shots when he can, but it’s really about control. But he is seizing openings when they’re available. Duffy tries to bring the legs high, but it’s not there. Poirier a bloody mess, but he’s winning this round, no question. Final minute. More elbows from Poirier. Duffy with hammerfists from his back. Poirier with more elbows. He’s teeing off. Duffy covered in Poirier’s blood. Big right hands from Poirier to close.

Round 3 – Duffy’s left eye is a mess, but he’s looking to strike to start the third. He’s still dangerous on the feet. Poirier with a low kick. Poirier on the outside. Duffy with a nice shot to the body. Poirier with a left hand and then a drive in for the takedown. It takes some effort, but he gets the action to the ground. Duffy again in a seated position and trying to post. Poirier happy to control the body. Duffy tries desperately to get to his feet, but Poirier steps over and teases the back. Duffy counters and looks to take the right leg, and Poirier has to abandon his attack to defends the hold. He tries to stand and pull free. Eventually, Duffy lets go, and Poirier alertly dives back inside and presses into his opponent’s guard. Less than two minutes, and Duffy is running out of time. He controls the right wrist from his back. Not a lot there, and referee Chris Tognoni calls for a restart. Crowd boos a bit. Duffy has one more chance to end this. Poirier wants a takedown. He can’t get it. Duffy with a big body shot and powerful uppercut. Poirier stunned a bit but gets through it and scores another takedown. Duffy rolls into a triangle in the final seconds. It’s tight, but it’s not there. Bell sounds.

Result: Dustin Poirier def. Joseph Duffy via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

Dustin Poirer is now 19-4 in MMA.  Duffy dropped only his second bout, leaving him at 14-2.