BAMMA has done a remarkable job at giving the next generation of Irish MMA stars a chance to shine. In today’s episode of Across The Pond, you will meet an Irish faredmondn favorite who is looking to wow the crowd on June 4th. A professional since April 2010 and representing Team Ryano, 29 year old Paul Redmond owns a 10-6 record in 16 career bouts consisting of five knockouts, four submissions and one decision. Paul is best known for his time in Cage Warriors from 2012-2014. He is also known for his diverse submission attacks, especially leg locks.

In his first three bouts,Redmond knocked out  Ian Williams, Philip Mulpeter, and Johnathan Favire in the second round. In his debut at Cage Warriors 47 in Dublin, Paul faced Yuri Malko and knocked him out in round two. Then, he submitted Lewis Long in the second round via neck crank. Redmond returned to Dublin to take on Ryan Roddy at Cage Warriors 51. He submitted Roddy in round two via toe hold. Then Paul knocked out Alexi Roberts at Cage Warriors 52 in London.  He submitted Marc Allen in the second round at Cage Warriors 55. At Cage Warriors 65, Redmond faced Australian fighter Damien Brown and defeated him via unanimous decision. He returned to his submitting ways when he faced Alexis Savvidis of Greece at Cage Warriors 70 and tapped him in the second round via toe hold. In 2016, Redmond signed with BAMMA and will take on explosive Englishman Jack McGann in his return to Lightweight at BAMMA 26 on June 4th. Good luck Paul!

List of videos-

Redmond v Malko Cage Warriors 47-

2. Redmond v Long Cage Warriors 49-

3. Redmond v Roddy Cage Warriors 51-

4. Redmond v Roberts Cage Warriors 52-

5. Redmond v Allen Cage Warriors 55-

6. Redmond v Brown Cage Warriors 65-

7. Redmond v Savvidis Cage Warriors 70-


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