ACB 47 – Norman Parke Q And A

Norman Parke returns to the cage in Glasgow, Scotland on October 1st when the Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB) roll into town.


Yesterday Parke did a live Q and A on his facebook page where the fans got to ask Parke anything they wanted.

He was asked a wide range of questions from UFC Belfast, neil seery retirement,his favourite ice cream and of course about his upcoming fight in Glasgow at the Hydro.

Below is the full transcript of the whole Qand A.

Popie Mc Coy Being in the UFC is the biggest fight stage in the world. Surely Alan Philpott should get a call for belfast card. Do you agree?

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke Yes there is a few from our gym that could fight in the UFC.

Mike Corcoran how’s the training going lad any injuries ?

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke No injured at the moment Mike Corcoran, thank god????

Adam Rascal Stevenson Would you rather fight Eddie Alvarez or Nate Diaz? Forget about the £££

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke I’d love to fight Diaz. I wouldn’t have to worry about him trying to take me down.

Andy Cubb Cameron Who do you think would win between: Loughane vs Pimblett

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke I think Brendan would win that fight.

Jack Allan Me and Ellis McBride are interested in your opinions on the old school rules, soccer kicks to the head and would you like them to be brought back.
Ps- you’re one of the main reasons we are going 

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke I know it dangerous soccer kicking someone to the head when there on the ground. The reason the sport evolved is because the banned them. I don’t agree with the old school rules.

John Moran Any trance for a walk out?

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke Yea that’s what I’m thinking ???? some ABGT

Jason Clancy Anywhere we can stream this fight Norman, I’d love to watch but am locationally challenged!

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke Just come to the fight ??? (ACB you tube channel)

Ross Kayleigh Hanratty What do u think of Neil seery retiring after ufc Belfast and if u can put decky away do u think u have a chance to get on the Belfast card

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke Neil seery is a legend in the sport of mixed martial arts in Ireland, I love watching him fight???? If the opportunity came up I’d take it, I’m just concentrating on the fight next week tho

Ian Lindsay Is there added pressure to win this being ur 1st fight outside of ufc in a while. Or is it the same pre fight feelings.

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke I’m feeling relaxed and ready to have my first fight in Scotland.????

Daniel Thomas What are the plans after this fight if you win?

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke I’m fighting October 28th also Daniel.

David Badger Moore What is your favourite ice cream? Mine is raspberry ripple.

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke Dark chocolate 

Joe White Going to get to your mail at the gym man?

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke Joe White il get on this after the fight

Alan McKay Have u had any contact with the ufc regarding the belfast card?

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke No Alan.

Terry Kearney If you win do you think you will get a call up for ufc belfast

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke Don’t think so pal, I’m fighting October 28th also in drogheda.

Scott Milne Been a fan since the smashes! You and Colin Fletcher we’re awesome 

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke ?? cheers Scott Milne

Stuarty Armour Are you gutted you will miss UFC Belfast?

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke I will still be there tho watching


ACB is coming to Glasgow Saturday October 1st at the hydro featuring superstars Robert Whiteford ‘Stormin’ Norman Parke and Saul “Tha Hangman” Rogers and many more.

Tickets still available
Anyone who buys through our link will be entered into a draw for some special prizes including signed gloves and posters by the fighters.






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