Claudia Gadelha calls out Carla Esparza

Claudia Gadelha calls out Carla Esparza

Shots were fired on Instagram today by Claudia Gadelha (14-2). Gadelha the 27 year old brazilian strawweight accused Carla “Cookie Monster” Esparza (11-3) of avaoiding a match up with her stating,

“What a weak fighter Carla is. She doesn’t want to fight the best, she makes excuses so she can get an easy fight.
I want to be the best. For my last fight, I asked to fight the best in the division. Unfortunately she don’t feel in the same way. Carla and other names in the division turned down the fight. I was left with no other option than Cortney. I took that fight with the promise that if I won, I would fight Carla. Now she is still refusing to fight me.”

Gadelha also went on to say the she had been promised a match up with Esparza if she won her fight against Cortney Casey. Which she did via a unanimous decision.

This atack was quickly met by Esparza with sharp words, completely flipping Gadelhas argument around.

‘If I remember correctly, I showed up, weighed in, and stepped in the cage to fight you Claudia Gadelha TWO times. And YOU did not show up!!! The second time because you cut so much freaking weight that you went to the hospital.
I also showed up on TUF 20 expecting to fight you (that makes it 3x), and again, YOU did not show up. Why?? Because you were too heavy to make the weight!!! Sorry if I walk around at 125lbs, and you get up to 155lbs. Too scared to fight people your own size??”

Now yes it sounds bad when you read Gadelha pulled out twice, but if you look back they are pretty good excuases. They were supposed to fight way back in Invicta 4 however, Gadelha pulled out with a broken nose. The pair were then planing to meet again for Invicta 7 but after a brutal weight cut Gadelha was taken to hospital after the weigh in with an infection and was forced to pull out again.

There’s certainly something building between these two fighters that should result in a really good match up. Lets hope this recent war of words will result in a fight that will live up to it hype.

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