Train Like Rocky Balboa

Train Like Rocky Balboa

Do you want to train like Rocky Balboa?

For Stallone, the routine involves six days of working out, twice a day, with a diet that features a glass of liquid aminos before breakfast. It’s a dedication that seems to pay off,

“I wanted to look like Tarzan – sleek, tight, almost catlike,” Stallone stated on the subject of his legendary workouts. “I wanted to forget the bulk and go for well-developed muscles. I began a hardcore weight-lifting program, working out twice a day. When I made Rocky, I increased my exercise.”

“I worked out a program that was right for him and then I led the way, constantly increasing weights and reps,” Columbu explains. “I knew for sure that this would motivate him to try and keep up with me. If I took a weight and did 12 reps, Sly would have to try and do at least seven. Then, next set, I would do 15 reps, so he would have to increase his reps to at least 10. By the end of our training he was doing curls with 70 lb dumbbells.”

Sylvester Stallone Diet

Pre-breakfast: A glass of liquid aminos
Breakfast: 3 egg whites, half yoke, Irish oatmeal, toasted pumpernickel bread, fresh papaya, few figs
Lunch: Roasted summer squash, broiled skinless chicken, salad, figs or berries
Dinner: Salad, broiled fish, high-fibre toasted bread; occasionally eats veal


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