Jessica Andrade looking ahead to possible fight against Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Jessica Andrade looking ahead to possible fight against Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Jessica Andrade, the top five ranked straw weight is looking ahead to a possible match up with champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk. It’s likely one more win for Andrade would thrust her into a title fight later this year.

Jedrzejczyk won the title in 2015 and has defended the title four times, looking impressive in most fights however Andrade thinks she can overcome her.

Andrade told FOX Sports, “We always see everybody going against Joanna and they seem to be scared of her striking. As good as she is, she has shown a lot of flaws in her striking game. Offensively, she’s very good but defensively she’s not all that great. There is a lot of room to work there.”

Andrade thinks Jedrzejczyk has a suspect chin and believes she would knock her out.

” We know that I’m probably better than her on the ground than on the stand up but then again her takedown defence is so good, she gets up so well from the bottom. Probably something that wouldn’t be worth wasting the energy on and we can just go ahead, show no respect and just punch her right in the face. Just go straight after her and test that chin of hers.

“She has shown she’s a little bit chinny, I don’t think anybody in this division hits as hard as me and I’m going to take that belt by knockout if I can.”

Boxing coach Angelo Reyes, who has worked with Jedrzejczyk in the past as well as recently with Andrade agrees with Andrade’s take on the likely outcome of a fight.

Speaking to FOX Sports, he said, ” No question Joanna is good. She is the world champion. There’s that for a reason. But to be honest, she does have a lot of holes and we’ve seen it exposed by Claudia Gadelha. I was there for the second fight and Claudia knocked her down with a jab. Even with her most recent fight, Karolina (Kowalkiewicz) is a great fighter but she’s not the hardest hitter in the world and the fact that Karolina was able to push her hard enough that it ended up being a war with the two of them. But what does that say to you.

Joanna hasnt shown one punch power and I believe that in the woman’s division, while that’s hard to find, one of the rare occasions where you do see someone with pure power is Jessica.

” I felt her punches in some sequences and techniques that I would show and I’m telling you,fisheries anyone in her ne t fight clean, she will knock them out. I think we’re about to see someone who has that Tyson like power that we love to see.” Reyes said about Andrade.

” She ate up Jessica Penne and then you saw what she did to Joanne Calderwood and she was coming off beating Letourneau and she had just thought for the title. When you’re seeing the raw potential of what Jessica can become, I understand why Carla Esparza or some other fighters might want to stay away from her.”

Andrade is looking for one more fight then by end of year to have taken on and beaten Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

” When we get that fight, get the ‘W’ and then get the title. Hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll be the straw weight champion.”


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