Steve Collins believes he can help Conor McGregor beat Mayweather

Steve Collins believes he can help Conor McGregor beat Mayweather

The Irish boxing great, Steve Collins believes he and boxing trainer brother Paschal can help Conor McGregor beat Floyd Mayweather.

The former WBO middleweight and super middleweight champ told the Irish Sun when asked if McGregor could beat Mayweather,

” If he’s coached by Paschal Collins, he could.

” If he comes up with my brother and does training in his gym, and if he gets a Mayweather fight, we’ll sit down and put together a plan for him to beat Mayweather and if he follows our plan, he’ll beat him.

” Everybody can be beaten if you put together the right plan. I know that from experience.

” If you plan it well and you have the ability to follow the plan and instruction, anybody can be beaten.

” I looked at Mayweather and said, ‘ Do you know what? If Conor is going to beat him, this is how he could do it’. My brother Paschal and I sat down and we put together a strategy, one day chatting, on how we would prepare him to fight Mayweather. We would show him how to win. And if he followed our instruction and did what we told him to do, he could beat him.”

McGregor’s coach already has a close relationship with Paschal Collins, so the Collins‘ brothers helping out with boxing training should a fight with Mayweather ever materialise makes sense.

Collins said, ” We communicate with him (McGregor) and John Kavanagh, his trainer, he’s a great guy. John Kavanagh knows that we are the boxing brains in Ireland . He’s spoken to us, not about Mayweather but about boxing and bits and pieces, and he’s a very open minded man.

” I’m telling you now, if the Mayweather fight comes off , if he wants us to prepare him for it, we’ll sit down and we’ll tell him how to beat Mayweather. When we show him how to win, I guarantee you that he’ll listen to us and he’ll go with us. We know how to win fights.

” The only reason I’m saying that is because McGregor has the ability to do it. He’s a super athlete who can change his style.

” Some guys are set, ingrained in a certain way of fighting. He’s not. He can change. That’s what makes him great and that’s why he’s so popular. If he decides to box, Paschal and I have put together a plan on what we would do with him to fight Mayweather. And we would show him how to beat Mayweather.

” I would love to go to Las Vegas and wipe that smile off that little git Mayweather’s face. It would give me so much pleasure.

” Nothing would give me more pleasure than one of our own to do it. We’ve caused upsets in the past, believe me, and we can do it again.”

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