UKMMAF statement on Corin Eaton v Dominic Dillon result.



Subsequent to an appeal lodged by Dominic Dillon contesting the result of Corin Eaton vs. Dominic Dillon at BCMMA 18 (18 Feb 2017), a review was carried out by the United Kingdom Mixed Martial Arts Federation (UKMMAF) with the support of BCMMA promoter Jack Mason.

The UKMMAF panel summarised its review and concluded as follows:

Summary of Contest and Review

The original result was recorded as a victory to Eaton by TKO at 3:15 of Round 2.

The contest was reviewed through video footage and statements taken from officials present.

The contest ended at a point where Dillon was in Turtle position. Eaton had back control to Dillon’s left side, controlling Dillon with his right arm and hip.

The position enabled Eaton to land 8 unanswered strikes with his left hand to Dillon’s head.

Eaton’s left leg was posted out to the side giving him balance and pressure against Dillon.

Eaton’s right leg was hooked by Dillon’s left foot restricting his movement. After the 8th strike Eaton’s leg appears to come free and Eaton’s balance is upset, causing his knee to slide into Dillon’s head, rendering Dillon incapable of defending himself. The referee stopped the contest at this point.

The contest was awarded to Eaton, as Dillon was deemed not fit to continue.

UKMMAF Conclusion

The UKMMAF panel found Eaton’s knee to Dillon’s head to constitute an illegal knee to the head of a grounded opponent.

Section 16b of the Unified Rules of MMA state: ‘If an injury sustained during competition as a result of an intentional foul, as determined by the referee, is severe enough to terminate a bout, the contestant causing the injury loses by disqualification.”

Section 16f of the Unified Rules of MMA state: “If an injury sustained during competition as a result of an accidental foul, as determined by the referee, is severe enough for the referee to stop the bout immediately, the bout shall result in a no contest if stopped before two rounds have been completed in a three-round bout or if stopped before three rounds have been completed in a five-round bout.’

Footage of the contest was reviewed and from the camera angles available, it was concluded as unclear whether the knee strike was intentional or accidental.

According to his report to the UKMMAF, the referee believed the knee strike to be accidental and thus the result of the match should rightfully have been a ‘No Contest’.

It was further reported that there was some confusion at the end of the match caused by the ring announcer who, believing the result was a TKO victory, in good faith announced it as such.

Based on the outlined review, it is the decision of the UKMMAF to declare the result of the match a ‘No Contest’ and uphold Dominic Dillon’s appeal.

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