Interview with Enrico Manicaro ahead of his fight with Chris Bungard

Interview with Enrico Manicaro ahead of his fight with Chris Bungard

Headhunters Fighting Championship recently announced their main event for their upcoming show on June 3rd, local favourite Chris Bungard will take on Enrico Manicaro from Malta.

We find out a bit more about Enrico Manicaro in a question and answer interview.

MMAUK: You were scheduled to fight in Scotland in February but the event was cancelled. You now get your chance to fight in Scotland at Headhunters Fighting Championship against Chris Bungard in the main event of the card.

How disappointing is it when an event gets cancelled? 

EM: It is always disappointing when an event gets cancelled because after all the hard training you will put in, you won’t be able to test yourself, until you will have another opportunity.

MMAUK: What do you know of Chris Bungard? 

What type of fight are you expecting?

Fighting in his country do you feel he will have an advantage due to the home crowd?

EM: Till now I know that he is an experienced fighter with a good record in the bag, but I am ready for any type of fight. To fight in your home country is always nice because of the support you will get, but during that time I don’t care of the people in the surroundings, it is just me and my opponent. I already did fight away, so it is not going to be a problem, to fight away again.

MMAUK: You are 2-0 in the pro ranks, did you have many amateur fights?

EM: As far as MMA i had 4 amateur fights but then I had kickboxing matches and grappling matches also.

MMAUK: How long have you trained MMA?

Do you come from a certain discipline before hand? Kickboxing, boxing, BJJ etc?

EM: I started Karate when I was a young boy and when I was around 12 years old switched to MMA, at first for just self defense but now I am training to compete.

MMAUK: How big is MMA as a sport in Malta?

What is the fight scene like there?

EM: Although MMA has been here for over a decade, it is still growing slowly. As far as fighting, Boxing and Kickboxing are the two most popular at the moment over here.

MMAUK: What are you goals within MMA?

EM: As like everyone else in every type of sports I want to reach the best that I could; by taking every opportunity that will come for me, compete and continue to learn, I believe that one day I will arrive.

MMAUK: do you have anything to say to Chris Bungard or the fans going along to the show?

EM: I hope that it will be a good fight, where the best one wins, and that the people who are coming to watch will enjoy it.

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