Interview with LFA fighter Linsey “Wonder Woman” Williams

Interview with LFA fighter Linsey “Wonder Woman” Williams

MMA Warriors and MMA UK’s spotlight this week is on current Legacy Fight Alliance fighter Linsey “Wonder Woman” Williams.

Look to see Linsey in the LFA cage in May. Linsey is now training with MMA LAB in Arizona. Linsey was gracious enough to take time out of her busy schedule to give us this interview. We wish Linsey the best of luck with her next fight.

How did you get started in Mixed Martial Arts?

I got started with Army combative, which I learned throughout initial entry training in 2010-11. Then I began NoGi BJJ and boxing during my first deployment in 2011-2012. Came home and never ceased training.

What organisation do you currently fight for?

I currently fight for the Legacy Fighting Alliance.

What is your mixed martial arts record?

I went 6-0 as an amateur and am 0-1 after my professional debut.

What is your preferred training discipline?

I guess I would have to say that submission wrestling/No-Gi BJJ is my favourite. But I would never sacrifice building my skill set when necessary in any other discipline in training and preparations.

What titles have you held or currently hold?

I recently vacated my title as the Driller amateur strawweight champion. I also won a championship belt at an annual TBA Muay Thai tournament in Des Moines, IA back in June 2015.

Who has been your toughest opponent and why?

I could say Gabby Romero because she beat me, but I don’t believe that she was actually any tougher than Jayme Hinshaw or Bri Brassaw—both girls with whom I went the distance.

What does a typical day of training consist of for you?

A typical day starts with either Gi BJJ or wrestling class, followed by MMA grappling or sparring. Then some pad work or strength and conditioning. That’s about 3 or so hours in the late-morning to early afternoon. Then I get back to training for a couple of hours in the evening with BJJ (Gi or No-Gi) or Muay Thai. Starting a new camp in a new place soon, so very likely to encounter a different training plan!

What are your fight plans for 2017?

I had my professional debut in January and have another fight planned in May with the LFA. I hope to stay as busy as possible, but also have a military commitment that takes me out of the U.S. for the month of June. I’d like to be back in the cage by late summer after that and continue from there.

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