SBG’s Richard Kiely aiming to get to the top quickly

SBG’s Richard Kiely aiming to get to the top quickly

Richard Kiely may not have a load of MMA experience but he’s confident that he will reach the top in the not too distant future.

He has a fight coming up in his hometown, Dublin at BAMMA 30 and he’s looking for a title shot after that.

Here’s what he had to say:

MMAUK: You are due to fight Daniel Olejniczak at BAMMA 30 in Dublin, what do you know about your opponent and how do you see the fight playing out?

RK: I know he’s had about ten wins or so against opponents who were either light weights or only had one fight on their record. He’s an exponent of the spoil and spoon method were he’ll try to spoil the fight and spoon me for 15 minutes. Because of my kickboxing background everyone completely overlooks my ground game despite me being from the best grappling gym in the country. I expect a quick finish by either knockout or submission.

MMAUK: You beat Keith McCabe with a first round stoppage in your pro debut.

How did it feel to win on your pro debut, in Dublin and for a big promotion like BAMMA?

RK: It felt natural, i’m a performer and rise to the big occasion. I have the height of respect for Keith McCabe and he’s an extremely tough opponent so to finish the fight so decisively really put the welterweight division on notice so despite all the cliches Wee Daniel is throwing out your going to see him panic after the first exchanges and rush in blindly.

MMAUK: Did the fight go as you were expecting?

RK: The fight went as I expected by me winning and winning decisively. Keith is an excellent grappler but I was prepared and rolled with the best in the gym in preparation for him so if it had gone to the ground I’d have finished it there.

MMAUK: Tell us about your journey to MMA, how did you get involved, did you practice other martial arts before hand, if so did you compete at a decent level?

RK: Yes I’ve done martial arts since I was a child, I’m a first degree in kung fu and I’m a highly decorated kickboxer which has been well documented. However I now compete in MMA so I’ve embraced all aspects of it, not just the striking element. If I wanted to just strike I’d have stayed in kickboxing.

MMAUK: You have had a bit of a social media spat with Joe McColgan in the past, is this a fight you would like to make happen at some point?

RK: I absolutely think thats a fight that could happen down the line. I actually like Joe, he’s a character and good fighter and I think our styles would make for one of the fights of the year. We’re both in different promotions at the minute but if we do fight down the line I envision it being for a title!

MMAUK: After this fight what’s next?

RK: I have Terence Brazer firmly in my sights after this fight and that Lonsdale title. He’s currently the BAMMA hide and seek champion because he’s dodging me at any chance he can get. I’m a stylistic nightmare for him, he leads with his chin and I’d take a couple of inches off it if he did that with me and he knows it. He’d prefer to fight jourrneymen with a mixed record rather than the Face of BAMMA! Its hard to blame him though, I wouldn’t want to fight me if I were him!

MMAUK: BAMMA has a relationship with Bellator is this where you see yourself progressing to?

RK: I see Bellator chasing me after this fight, my style is eye catching, explosive and exciting. Its not a catchphrase when I say I move like a featherweight and hit like a heavyweight, it’s a genuine statement of fact.

MMAUK: Anything you want to say to your opponent or for the fans that turn up?

RK: To the fans thank you for all the support, it has been genuinely overwhelming. To Wee Daniel, I can’t promise it’ll be painless but I can promise it will be quick and you’ll have an early night.


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