Is Brock Lesnar Returning to the UFC?

Is Brock Lesnar Returning to the UFC?

If you are a fan of Brock Lesnar, then prepare to be excited… according to popular rumour, the former UFC Heavyweight Champion is planning on leaving his WWE Universal Belt behind at SummerSlam, with the aim for returning to the UFC‘s Octagon later this year.

The rumour mill got into full swing on Wednesday, via an MMA Insider Twitter account

I just had a 2nd person tell me that Brock Lesnar is back in the USADA testing pool. Rumor around WWE is Brock is dropping the belt at SS.
— #Dizz © (@TalkMMA) July 19, 2017

If said rumour is indeed true we could see Lesnar return to action for the Madison Square Garden show in November.

However Brock is on the receiving end of a one year suspension from the USADA, after failing several drug tests after his fight with Mark Hunt at UFC 200! He then retired from MMA in February 2017. Lesnar still has five months remaining of his USADA suspension due to his official MMA retirement, according to’s Sean Ross Sapp:

Lesnar retired with 5 months to serve of a USADA suspension. He has to re-enter the testing pool & fulfill that time before fighting in UFC
— Sean Ross Sapp (@SeanRossSapp) July 19, 2017

Even though Leonard has yet to undergo any USADA drug testing in 2017, there is the belief that he could once more gain exemption, therefore skipping the four month notification period for fighters who wish to return from retirement!

Who else can’t wait to see Mark Hunts views on this?

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