ACB65 Goes down in Sheffield – Live Results

As ACB 65 goes down Saturday at the Sheffield Arena, here is the full fight card (Results to be updated as the fights happen)

Main Event – Light-Heavyweight Title –
93Kgs/205lbs: (3-0) BATRAZ AGNAEV Defeated THIAGO SILVA (19-5): Result – Via TKO in the Second round with a stunning Combination to put Silva on the canvas.

Undercard Below:

70Kgs/155lbs:(30-23) PAT HEALY  Defeated BRENDAN LOUGHNANE (14-2) : Result – Via Split Decision.

66Kgs/145lbs: (22-4)ALEXEY POLPUDNIKOV defeated DONALD SANCHEZ (31-6) : Result – Via TKO in the first round.

70Kgs/155lbs: (25-11) JOSHUA ALVELES Defeated LEANDRO SILVA (20-5) : Result – Via Unanimous Decision.

84Kgs/185lbs: (30-5) VYACHESLAV VASILEVSKIY Defeated WILL NOLAND (17-6) : Result – Rear naked Choke in the first round.

66Kgs/145lbs: (15-8) ANDREW FISHER Defeated  NIKLAS BACKSTROM (11-2) : Result – Via Unanimous decision.

77Kgs/170lbs: (7-1) SAM BOULT Defeated ADAM BOUSSIF (9-6) : Result – Tapp out Via Rear naked Choke in the first round.

66Kgs/145lbs: (9-1) MIKE GRUNDY Defeated MICHAEL TOBIN (12-1) : Result – via Guillotine Choke in the 3rd round.

59Kgs/30lbs: (8-3) AARON ABY Defeated SAM HALLIDAY (6-5) : Result – Via Head and arm choke in the first round.

70Kgs/155lbs: (1-0) ANTONIO SHELDON Defeated RICARDO FRANCO (3-2) : Result – Tapp Out Via Rear naked Choke.

61.2Kgs/135lbs: (1-0) AARON ROBINSON Defeated ADAM CAFFREY (2-1) : Result – Via Rear Naked Choke in the first round.

77Kgs/170lbs: (0-0) JAMES DOYLE vs LUKASZ PILCH (W) (1-0) : Result – Knockout via a overhand left, 9 seconds in to the first round.

70Kgs/155lbs: (1-1) OLLIE COYNE vs SIMON STADNICKI (W) (1-1) : Result – Via Submission in the second round.

The fights are not in order, while the events are happening and finishing just look for result next to the name and how it happened next to the result below it.

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