Ronda Rousey Close to a Return in WWE

Ronda Rousey Close to a Return in WWE

As we all were wondering what the 'Big News' was?

Ronda Has been training for WWE in the past few weeks, we were all hoping for a return to the UFC but now that's not very likely at all, we will have to settle for Ronda returning to 'WWE'.

Having lost her last two fights inside the Octagon, First 'Holly Holm' with a head kick 59 seconds into the second round at UFC 193, Then taking another heavy defeat to 'Amanda Nunes' with some heavy punches, 48 seconds into the first round at UFC 207.

Looks like the dream of becoming a professional WWE Fighter that she has always wanted to be, will be coming true very soon. She appeared at a 2015 WrestleMania event.

Late in June Dana White Said his Goodbyes to Ronda Rousey as she left the UFC, but no matter where shes heads towards she will have a massive following and having the backing of the fans as she has been such a good World Champion.

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