Alex Lohore planning on keeping hold of belt

Alex ‘Da Kid’ Lohore won the BAMMA welterweight title in his last fight at BAMMA 31 by knocking out Nathan Jones in the first round.

Straight after his fight he called out Dubliner Richard Kiely. His wish has been granted and he now faces Kiely in Dublin on 10th November.

MMAUK caught up with Lohore for his thoughts on Kiely.

He begins by telling us how it felt to become the champ.

Lohore said, “It feels great to be the Champ but that battle was already won before the fight actually happened so it was not a surprise!”

Unlike other fighters Lohore is not going to start predicting when he wins, he just believes he will win!

Lohore continued, “Like I said in the past I am not Mystic Mac I can’t predict exactly how I am going to win but it’s going to be another great victory for me , my family, my fans and my team. Hard work makes easy work we always take a fight with the same approach no matter who is in front of us.”

If you watched his speech after his win it would have appeared he called Kiely out, not so according to Lohore.

He said, “First of all he called me out, I never called him out I did not even know who the guy was until he started running his mouth during me and Nathan Jones Q and A on BAMMA Facebook page while we were promoting our fight and talking to our fans, so I responded and said I am happy to shut him up.

“Not like other Champions I don’t run from nobody and I don’t care about records, I am the Champ and I will fight all comers so let’s start with making an example out of Richard Kiely not to mess with the Champ.”

Lohore is travelling to Kiely’s home town to defend his belt, in what will be a hostile atmosphere for him however he is not concerned.

He added, ” The outcome will be the same nothing changes no matter where we fight as the people outside the cage can’t fight for him that is one thing he needs to remember I am about to put some reality into his brain the guy is delusional!”

In a recent interview with MMAUK, Kiely gave a message for Lohore, ” This is the Richard Kiely show. You should be thanking me for letting you participate however it will cost you one gold belt and one chin. Make sure you shave it, I don’t want to get hair on my trousers when i’m carrying your chin home in my pocket!”

Lohore responded by saying he will teach Kiely a lesson and teach him to respect.

“I can only smile at that and say ‘you will do nothing’ we see you on the 10th make sure you turn up cause the Champ is coming to your town to teach you a lesson boy. Respect is something you learn at a young age but I think he has not learned it yet but there is time for everything and now it’s time for Richard Kiely to learn some and send him back to the side line where he was where only people in Ireland know him.”

Both fighters are in confident mood and it’s sure to make for a great fight.

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