UFC 219: Money over Credibility

UFC 219: Woodley v Diaz

If the rumours are correct UFC 219 in December will be headlined by Tyron Woodley defending his UFC Welterweight Title against Nate Diaz. This is undoubtedly a fun fight, but that’s where the positives end. Diaz has not fought since August 2016, he lost that fight.

Diaz is 3-3 as a Welterweight, Diaz isn’t ranked as a Welterweight. So how does the UFC justify giving Diaz, the current 6th ranked Lightweight a shot at Woodley?

Its not as though the Welterweight division is lacking in contenders, Darren Till, Stephen Thompson and Colby Covington are the most obvious who could fight in December, Till and Covington being part of the new breed stand out for me, Thompson might have to clear out all the other contenders to get a shot at Woodley again.

The UFC received much criticism for booking GSP to fight Michael Bisping, and if the rumours are indeed true it will do so again, and quite rightly. For a title to retain credibility and for rankings to actually mean something you simply cant book fights like this, its wrong on every level.

This is one of the reasons the UFC are currently riding its current slump compared to previous years. The UFC has got to start pushing new stars to get over, the likes of Till and Covington have got potential, some might say its too soon for them, but both are for more deserving than Diaz.

Woodley v Diaz is obviously more of a money fight than Woodley v Till say, but Woodley facing Till or practically anybody else in the Welterweight rankings, is by some stretch the more legitimate title fight.

Woodley v Diaz is a nonsense of a fight and it should not happen.

11 Responses

  1. hate 2 say it but Nate will be stopped for the 2nd time in his career , UNLESS it goes into 4th and 5th and He goes 2 work on Twoods Bum shoulder

  2. ok lets pretend Im Dana White “thank God Im Not” who gives a fuck who is in line to fight the important thing is making money and doing shows the people wanna see that is more important than number 2 and number 1 fighting for a belt. if the company dont make money and the fans arent seeing the names they wanna see it all goes down the drain.

  3. Agree it’s not right to give Diaz a title shot but Covington and Till? Really? Come on, you have to earn your shots at a championship, not just put in one or two impressive displays. This is why fighters get so self entitled, they need to pay their dues!

    1. The Till or Covington suggestion was based on there being a match in Dec, ideally Woodley should wait for the winner of RDA and Lawler, Thompson is ranked number 1, but after having two cracks at Woodley already he’s unlikely to get another unless Woodley loses the belt or he wipes out Till and Covington

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