Peter McCafferty Interview Ahead of His Title Shot at On Top

Peter McCafferty bids to make it third time lucky in title fights when he faces On Top amateur flyweight champion Ollie Southern, McCafferty will be looking to bring the belt back to Scotland.

McCafferty fights out of Higher Level gym which has produced current UFC stars Stevie Ray and Danny Henry, among a host of top domestic fighters ready to follow them.

MMA UK caught up with Peter to get his thoughts on the title shot, training at Higher Level and what the future holds.


MMA UK: You are due to fight amateur flyweight champ Ollie Southern next month on On Top.
How do you see the fight going? Do you know much about Southern?

PM: I see the fight going one way and that’s my way. Southern has some experience a bit like myself so we will both be bringing that into the cage come fight time but I feel I’ll be better in every situation. I’ll be far too much for him he has never stepped into the cage with someone like me. It will be good for both of us.


MMA UK: You last fought in August for the Budo belt and suffered a defeat by Jamie Kelly. How did you feel after that fight, were there areas you feel you could have improved on?

PM: My last fight was a fun last minute fight. Took the fight on 10 days notice and first time making flyweight. After being out injured for 1.5 years it to me was a win-win situation regardless of the result, it got me back in action and I know I can make that weight on such little time. It was the first time going five rounds which was good. Personally, I thought I edged the win but judges saw it differently. I’d rather shoot and miss than never take an opportunity.


MMA UK: You have fought mostly at bantamweight but moved to flyweight for your last fight and this upcoming fight, are you planning on staying at flyweight?

PM: Ten of my fights have been at bantamweight I’m sure and only one at flyweight. I’m dangerous at bantamweight so to drop to fly only allows me to create more havoc. I’ll fight at either weight, to be honest, it’s nice to have options. I’m clever with my weight so it’s not a problem for me.


MMA UK: You train at Higher Level, one of the top gyms in Scotland. Tell us what it’s like to train with a successful gym like Higher Level?

PM: Training at Higher Level allows me to really push myself. We all have that mentality which allows us to grow better as a family. There are no egos at the gym only a tight unit that wants the best for each other. We are crazy talented and trust me when I say we are taking everything. We stay fight ready all year round and with more boys getting into the UFC it only goes to show what we are doing is right.


MMA UK: How did you become involved in MMA?

PM: I became involved in MMA through the practice of Taekwondo which opened the doors to various other arts. From there I went on to do some Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and extended into the mixed martial arts side of it all.


MMA UK: What do you hope to achieve within the sport?

PM: I plan on continuing my career as far as this sport will take me. I see myself at the very top one day as I always have. I have no boundaries for myself as I’ll continue to grow and grow. I’m still very young with a lot of fights and experience under my belt. There is no place I feel uncomfortable so that for me is one of the keys to growth. I’m constantly learning and improving so there are no limits.

You can purchase tickets for On Top ‘March Madness’ online from Skiddle below.


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