Polaris 6: Live Results

Craig Jones is the new Polaris Middleweight champion after defeating veteran Jake Shields in under two minutes. Jones went to ground and after a Shields mistake, Jones capitalised to earn the victory via heel hook.

In the other main event, Benson Henderson won a tight contest against AJ Agazarm with the highlight of the match happening when both competitors fell off the stage from a take down attempt by Henderson, taking one of the officials with them.

Main card:

Craig Jones def. Jake Shields via heel hook – Middleweight (83.9 kg) NOGI

Benson Henderson def. AJ Agazarm via unanimous decision – Catchweight (80 kg) NOGI

Gezary Matuda def. Serena Gabrielli via straight foot lock – Under 55 Ladies (-55 kg) NOGI

Marcin Held def. Chris Fishgold via arm-bar submission  – Catchweight (77.1 kg) NOGI

Marco Canha def. Ash Grimshaw via unanimous decision – Catchweight (72 kg) NOGI

Ffion Davies def. Chelsea Leah via arm-bar submission – Under 55 Ladies (-55 kg) NOGI

Preliminary card:

Ross Nicholls def. Tommi Pulkkanen via heel hook – Catchweight (73 kg) NOGI

Jake Mckenzie vs Yousuf Nabi – Catchweight (76 kg) GI – was removed from card

Oliver Lovell def. Thiago Silveri via forearm choke  – Middleweight (82kg) GI

Tommy Langaker def. Charlie Mcdonald via slide-in collar choke – Catchweight (82 kg) GI

Bradley Hill def. Santeri Lilius via unanimous decision – Middleweight (83.9 kg) GI

Sean Mcdonagh def. Jay Butler via toe-hold submission – Catchweight (76 kg) GI

Emilia Tuukkanen def. Leoni Munslow via unanimous decision – Catchweight (61 kg) GI


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