Chris Eubank Jr: Hype or Real

This weekend George Groves will tell us exactly how good Chris Eubank Jr is. There is as before said in other articles a lot of hype around the Brighton man, a certain aura, a certain fascination, a curiosity that love-hate type of fighter. But heavily hyped fighters eventually have to prove that tag and this Saturday Eubank Jr gets his opportunity to prove.

Eubank Jr has of course been here before when he challenged Billy Joe Saunders. Again have said in previous articles that Saunders exposed Eubank Jr, it probably came too soon for Eubank Jr, but that same excuse won’t wash a second time, this time he needs to deliver.

Fighting the usual standard journeyman with little or no chance of winning themselves, on the way up learns you so much but when the test comes you get the exposure but you can get exposed, against Saunders I felt Eubank Jr did.

Eubank Jr struggled with Saunders’s jab, and his own jab was almost non-existent at times. Clearly, the movement of Saunders was giving him problems also, having the ability to throw flashy combinations is great, but if your opponent doesn’t stand still to let you do so, it’s an almost useless skill to have, you need more in your locker.

Eubank Jr was also leading with his power shots, overloading and not working his way into range, falling in after throwing his shots. Eubank Jr also demonstrated his balance was poor when missing with his punches, Saunders is not a big puncher so he didn’t make Eubank Jr pay, but if it happens again on Saturday, Groves might.

In Manchester, we will get to see if Eubank Jr has improved enough and learned his craft to prove the hype around him, I for one can’t wait to see.

27 Responses

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  13. He is an absolute balloon not even good British fighter yet alone the world stage . His name alone has got him where he is out of sheer interest and hope he might emulate his fathers heroics … but till he gets rid of his father and start from scratch he will soon be left in obscurity

  14. We will all see very soon SGG is no journeyman experience for me will come through (never know how these 1s will pan out aslong as it’s a good fight

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