Jenna Ross on her recent win

Jenna Ross fought and beat Paloma Arranz on Friday’s Rama Evolution Muay Thai show. We caught up with Jenna for her take on the fight and what may be next.

How did the fight go? Was Jenna happy with her performance?

I’m really happy to have gotten the win against Paloma as she is a fantastic fighter. Overall, I am happy with my performance, there are a few areas which I would like to improve on obviously and that will come with more experience. The fight was fast paced just like I was expecting it to be so I felt like I went in prepared. It was technical and we both put on a good display of Muay Thai and the way the scoring works as round 5 was not lacking in body kicks, to say the least!

What’s next for her?

In terms of other opponents that I have in mind, I haven’t really got anyone in particular just yet. I just look to take on fights that will help me improve and gain more experience, so for now, it’s just seeing what comes up and if it’s suitable for me.

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