Rose Namajunas vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk – Repeat or revenge?

 A monster main event such as Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagomedov is likely to consume even the best of fight cards. With the two 155’ers enjoying most the attention you could almost be forgiven for overlooking the UFC 223 co-feature, which sees recently crowned champion Rose Namajunas and former strawweight queen Joanna Jedrzejczyk meet once again.
The echoes of Daniel Cormier’s cries of “THUG ROSE” seem to have only just dissipated but it has in fact been almost 5 months since UFC 217 which saw Namajunas as a huge underdog put a one round beat-down on the boogie woman to take her throne.
Despite a career-best performance against a pound-for-pound star in Jedrzejczyk, we head into UFC 223 with a similar feel, as Namajunas the underdog seemingly still has it all to prove to silence the doubters.
Rose Namanjunas will not be the first young champion asked to run it back, these quick rematches are synonymous with the UFC who look to satisfy the fans and pundits clamouring for former champions to be given an immediate shot at righting a wrong. With the promotion operating in such a way, we have seen an evolution what it takes to be a truly recognised as a champion. It’s no longer enough to beat the champion, you’ve got to do it twice.
Frankie Edgar convincingly outpointed fan favourite BJ Penn at UFC 112 in April 2010. A rematch was scheduled just four months later, only for Edgar to win in totally dominate the Prodigy retaining his belt by earning every round, on all three judges cards. The most famous of run backs came between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman whose July 2013 Middleweight title bout ended in jaw-dropping fashion as the clowning Silva was slept by the talented youngster. Before the year was out the long-reigning former champion rightfully had his rematch, only for it to end in more devastating fashion than the first bout. Renan Barao was being hailed by Dana White as the pound-for-pound best before his UFC 173 fight with 5/1 underdog TJ Dillashaw. Only to be outfought and beat up over four and a half rounds prior to the merciful intervention of Herb Dean. Whilst Dillashaw was afforded the luxury of an interim bout he ultimately forced to face Barao a second time to truly solidify his position as number one. The bout followed a similar pattern to the first, only more dominant and with an even quicker finish.
As history has shown us, it’s not always the best idea to jump straight back in after a shock loss and this may be especially true in the case of Jedrzejczyk as she faces a true mixed martial artist in Namajunas who continues to improve and evolve on a fight by fight basis. From the dominant wrestling on the show against Paige VanZant to slick jujitsu that earned a quick submission victory over top contender Michelle Waterson, These skill alongside her signature crisp and technical striking which earned her the title, mean Rose Namajunas is the real deal and her
and possess the ability to truly solidify her position as champion. Her underdog status only serves as a testament to the high regard Joanna Jedrzejczyk is rightfully held.
Repeat or revenge is the question. I for one cannot wait to find out.

72 Responses

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  26. Repeat I hope. Liked Rose from the first time I saw her fight. Joanna thought she was invincible but got it handed to her. She’ll be well up for this rematch mind you.

  27. Revenge. Joanna is elite at 115lbs. One loss and it’s like people forget how she was crushing everyone in the division including that beast Andrade

  28. Revenge. Rose caught her off guard. Rose never beats a fighter the way she beat JJ.

    Rose is talented and I take nothing away from her. But she caught her with a shot. In the striking game anyone is capable of gettin caught. I won’t be so arrogant to call it luck, but she was fortunate the fight went that way. I don’t think she’ll be so fortunate again.

    1. Caught her with a shot?
      She dropped her twice!
      Do you understand what you see…clearly not.
      Rose used movement and rythm change to bait JJ in, and by doing so JJ mus judged the dustance….hence why she kept missing kicks and punches. Rose put on a masterclass.
      She dropped jj…twice! That’s not a fluke, not luck, not furtunate. That’s skill and executing a game plan.
      I urge you to rewatch the fight. Educate yourself and understand what Rose was doing and did.
      JJ never fought anyone like Rose.

    2. Patrick. I certainly watched the fight and recently rewatched. I certainly mean no disrespect to Rose. She fought well. I didn’t mean that Rose has never fought someone if JJ’s caliber (which is also true, and all the more impressive for Rose). I meant the way that Rose beat JJ is uncommon for Rose. She beat her and she deserved the W. But I’d hardly call it a “masterclass”. Her game plan was solid, her movement was exceptional, and that put her in great position to land the shot that won her the fight.

      Was all of that evidence of Rose ascending to an unprecedented level of excellence? We’ll see if that’s the case during the rematch. My guess is no. She’s an exceptional fighter that had things go her way in that fight. JJ is a machine and my prediction is that she will beat Rose handily.

      All respect to you and your opinion and I hope the fight is a worthwhile one.

    3. Barry, that’s fair to say. It’s always a political game when you see some champs get rematches and others don’t.

      That said, I think if they fight 10 fights that JJ wins 8 of them. I think she’ll prove that in this upcoming fight.

    4. A little crazy that after one loss people have forgotten how elite JJ is. Rose had gone on bit of a streak but not to compare what she’s done to what JJ has done and who’s she’s done it against is a bridge to far for me.

  29. Rose’s movement and dangerous everywhere. JJ can only hope to catch her with punches in bunches. She missed last time, dhe to Rose’s movement baiting her into misjudging the distance.
    JJ has too much pressure from herself to regain the belt. Rose repeats.

  30. I gotta feeling rose will b way outclassed this time and it would have happened the first fight but her mouth caused her an ass whooping which she deserved. This time she’ll focus on the fight instead of the mind games. Five round but whooping from JJ

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