Alvarez explains his decision to accept a rematch fight with Dustin Poirier

As one of the best UFC lightweight contenders today, it’s been a struggle for the former champion Eddie Alvarez to get the fights he is looking for.

Recently the former UFC lightweight title holders Connor McGregor and Tony Ferguson both seem to have problems in their lives outside of the octogon. Where as, UFC veteran and younger brother of the ‘Diaz brothers’, Nate is in talks for an insane superfight!

Whilst ‘the Underground King’ Eddie Alvarez has won only one fight since loosing his undisputed lightweight title to McGregor at UFC 205, Alvarez does have a solid chance to fight gold once again. However this is only if he is able to defeat the highly ranked UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier at UFC on Fox 30 on July 28 .

The two men both fought to a no contest at UFC 211. This is due to Eddie landing illegal blows to ‘Diamond’ Poirier while he was down. This rematch seemed not to attract Alvarez’s interests in the slightest, but it happens to be one of the best moves he could have made.

Eddie Alvarez’s statement (via Instagram),

  • “I think with a win over Dustin I get right in the title picture. There’s not many guys in the division that excite me to fight. To be honest, Dustin doesn’t even excite me but he’s been winning, I respect him, and the UFC really wants it to happen so I’m doing it. I really only want to fight like, khabib Nurmagomedov or fight someone like, Nate Diaz, a bigger name, a name that people respect, a name that people will probably think highly of. So they’re probably the only two guys that would do anything for me to up what’s going on in my career. Dustin, I’m not super excited about fighting him but I will.”

With the UFC likely attempting to hold Khabib back for a huge title fight against Conor Mcgregor later this year. Top threats such as Alvarez and Poirier are left to battle it out themselves.

Alvarez also stated,

  • “Hopefully I can defend my title on July 28. That is UFC’s most violent one of all, yours truly. I made that title up, I won it, I’m the self-proclaimed most violent man on earth.”

A victory by any means for Eddie Alvarez over Dustin Poirier would most definitely land ”the Underground King’ on the doorstep of a title shot.

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