MTK Scotland Boxing Dinner Club Results

MTK Scotland’s Boxing Dinner Club takes place Friday 25th May at the Crowne Plaza Glasgow.

Headlined by Paul Kean taking on Jay Byrne for the vacant BUI Celtic Super Welterweight Title.

Also on the card is a two weight Scottish champion, Jordan McCorry who should have a big support in his home city. McCorry will be looking to put on a show after the disappointment of his opponent pulling out for last week’s European title shot.

Undefeated Celtic champion Tommy Philbin will be looking to add to his 10-0 record on the show.

With undefeated fighters, debut fighters, a title fight and current Scottish champion it all adds up to a great card.

Live results will appear below.



Vacant BUI Celtic Super Welterweight title

Paul Kean (7-0) v Jay Byrne (7-4)

Paul Kean wins by decision 79-74.

This was the best fight of the night for me. Byrne who was looking to add the Celtic Super Welterweight title to his welterweight title liked to pressure Kean and try and drag Kean into a dogfight however Kean kept to the gameplan and was working from distance.

The first round was fairly even, the next few, Kean had the better quality work. As the fight moved to the 6th, Byrne was still applying the pressure and probably had his best round since the first. The 7th round was more if the same, with the better quality again from Kean, Byrne would laugh off a couple of good punches from Kean.

As the fight entered the last round, Byrne came flying out the traps but didn’t inflict much damage on Kean.

Kean the deserved winner, with the better quality shots throughout and showing the more composure.


Tommy Philbin  (10-0) v Craig Nicholson (4-1)

Fight cancelled.


Jordan McCorry (15-3-1) v Luke Cash  (2-39-2)

Jordan McCorry wins by unanimous decision 60-54.

A one sided match up between McCorry and Luke Fash, McCorry was comfortable throughout and controlled the distance and range from the beginning, felt like he could step up a gear or two anytime he chose. Another win for the current Scottish super featherweight champion.


Jordan Latimer (1-0) v Jade Karam  (9-6-2)

Latimer wins by decision 39-37.

Latimer dominated first 3 rounds with Karam throwing wild overhand rights. 4th round saw a couple of nice left hooks from Latimer to start round however this was Karam’s best round and clipped Latimer several times as the round progressed.


Trigger Wood (debut) v Harry Matthews  (15-27-2)

Wood wins by decision 39-37.

Impressive debut from Wood saw him dominate most of the fight against the experienced, rugged Matthews. Took until half way through first round for Wood to settle however after he landed a nice 1-2, he seemed to grow in confidence. The rest of the fight would see Wood take centre of ring and throw some nice combo’s. Wood had a big following at event and they were sent home happy after his performance.


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