Brave CF 13:Europe Evolution Live Results

Brave Combat Federation makes it first venture on to European shores tonight.

Brave CF 13:Europe Evolution takes place in Belfast’s SSE Arena. Bringing a host of local and international talent together.

Headlined by the world bantamweight championship fight between champion Stephen Loman and Frans Mlambo and featuring a much anticipated rematch between rivals Norman Parke and Myles Price.

MMA UK will bring live results and post fight interviews from the event.

Stephen Loman (60.6kg) vs. Frans Mlambo (60.6kg)

Loman wins by unanimous decision


Norman Parke (73kg) vs. Myles Price (73kg)

Parke wins by unanimous decision


Karl Amoussou (77.5kg) vs. Rodrigo Cavalheiro (77.6kg)

Cavalheiro wins by KO in second round


Andy Young (56.7) vs. Bryan Creighton (56.2kg )

Creighton wins by guillotine in the second round.


Declan Dalton (66.1kg) vs. Zack Zane (66.5kg)

Zane wins by rear naked choke in the second round


Mohammad Fakhreddine vs. Sidney Wheeler removed from card.


Erik Carlsson (71.7kg) vs. Erick Da Silva (72.2kg)

Da Silva wins unanimous decision


Konrad Iwanowski (85.9kg) vs. Glenn Irvine (84.4kg)

Iwanowski wins by rear naked choke in 1st round


Chad Hanekom (85.9kg)vs. Dominic McConnell

Hanekom wins by 1st round submission


Cian Cowley (77.3kg) vs. Daniel Olejniczak (76.8kg)

Cowley wins by TKO in 1st round


Ben Bennett (78.9kg) vs. Adam Byrne  (79kg)

Bennett wins by medical retirement (injury) at end of the first round


Piotr Tokarski  vs. Sam Slater (70.5kg)

Sam Slater wins via unanimous decision


Aidan James (66.5kg) vs. Tommy Martin (66kg)

Aidan James wins via TKO third round 3 mins 53 secs


Jonathan Reid (70.2kg) vs. Constantin Gnusarev (70.1kg)

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