Fatman to Batman: 7 weeks down…many more to go.

Fatman to Batman: 7 weeks down…many more to go.

49 days into the journey are over…did I think it was possible I would ever get here???? Absolutely not.

I thought the usual thing would happen where I would end up giving up, falling back into bad habits and generally being lazy as feck!

Thankfully, the weight is continuing to drop off, my diet is on point (pretty much 95% of the time, but yes there has been moments involving pizza…which btw…tastes even better when you are on a diet!!!) and I have actually begun to like the 4.30am wake-up calls…well, almost.

I am still hovering around the heavyweight region, but my big weigh-in in 2 weeks time will hopefully see me losing 11.5kg in 2 months and I should be looking like a drawn-out Scottish version of Daniel Cormier…but less obnoxious and much less tough obviously.

I have recently started a PT session in morning, a class at lunch (usually consisting of yoga, boxing or BJJ) and a session at night. This clearly isn’t sustainable (my legs are due to give way at any moment, but I am trying to get that bod before my summer vacay to Vegas Baby!!!), but for the next few months, I will power through!

The cravings are getting less, but in saying that I’d still roundhouse kick a toddler in the head for a bag of crisps and for my birthday weekend I don’t plan on going on some beer rampage, nope. I am a man of simple tastes. I plan on decimating a multi-pack of crisps. 12 cans of Irn Bru. A large Pizza. 10 doughnuts and probably have a stroke afterwards. Man, it is going to be the best.

Until next time!!! The Fatman oot!


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