Justin Baesman, a true great is someone who never quits

Justin Baesman, a true great is someone who never quits

What defines a true great? Their win streak? In today’s day and age it’s all about the win streak. But to true hardcore mma fans like me it’s never giving up, no matter how hard you fall.

For me there it’s all about heart, always coming back, sticking to what you love. There is no finer example of “a true great” than Justin Baesman (18-19-1). The sheer determination in the face of adversitory is something to admire. After coming off a loss to Mike Jasper at CXF Back in April, ‘Raw Deal’ is hungry for the win he so desperately deserves.

He had this to say, “I lost my fight tonight, but it was a great fight!! it ended with 3 seconds left in the first round- I gave the ref a hard time!!… but it was a back-and-forth fight… win or lose I love putting on a fight – I love going the distance, showcasing my skills- so I hate getting cut short …but I’m so glad that I get to compete and I’ve been competing for 13 years -tonight was fight #43… I fought their current champion -went up a weight class and fought at 190lbs.. I just love the challenge, people say I have a big heart but my heart goes to my daughter’s, my family, my friends, sponsors, coaches, corner men, training partners, fight fans and everyone backing me !!! shout out to everyone backing the #RAWDEAL I’ll be back in July baby!!! in the city!!! San Francisco”.

Being grateful in defeat is not something for the faint hearted, pure class. Once signed with Bellator on a multi-fight contract, he has been calling to taken back by the organisation in a way only a true warrior would, by accepting fights left right and centre to draw the attention of Scott Coker.

“To @bellatormma , I will be back, signed a multi-contact once and I will do it again #GOALSANDDREAMS #TOMUCHTALENTTOWASTE If everything goes right ill fight for two belts this year !! In hopes to become a 6-time world champion!!!” Baesman.

Warriors are not the ones who always win, but the ones who always fight in my opinion. I know we’ll be seeing him Where he wants to be soon enough.

How do I know this? I’m where I never thought I would be, dreams can and will become a reality only of you never lose sight of them.

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