Scottish Grappling Invitational 2 Results with Reece McEwan interview

Scottish Grappling Invitational 2 took place on Sat Aug 25th in Glasgow.

Plenty of grappling action was on show and with the next show scheduled for November 10th it seems like SGI is a welcome addition to the Scottish grappling scene.

One of the competitors, Reece McEwan spoke to MMA UK about his victory and competing in SGI.


MMA UK: You won your bout on Saturday, how happy were you with your performance?

RM: The bout at SGI2 went well. I managed to submit my opponent with a guillotine in the first few minutes. I’m happy with my performance, I felt I took control of the match and threatened with submissions from start to finish.


MMA UK: How often do you compete in grappling competition’s?

RM: That was my first grappling match since February 2016, I’ve competed in 4 competitions prior to that and I’m looking to be more active with competing in Grappling.


MMA UK: SGI seem to be looking to make it a permanent fixture in the Scottish grappling scene, attracting some high level Scottish competitors. How beneficial is competing at these type of events?

RM: SGI is unique, it’s exciting to compete against one person in a sub-only style. A match is 10 minutes long which gives you experience to pacing yourself over a long period of time. SGI is an amazing platform to test your skills as the standard of competitors is very high. As an MMA fighter, it gives me competition experience and gives me exposure to different styles.


MMA UK: SGI 3 will be back on November 10th, will you be looking to compete on that shpw too?

RM: I’ll be looking to compete on SGI3 as long as I’m healthy and not fighting that weekend!


SGI2 Official Results


Tournament Semi Final 1 

Cameron Nicol (Griphouse) vs Dan Wood (NEJJ)

Dan Wood advances via decision


Tournament Semi Final 2 

Kevin McAloon (SBG Moray) vs Marc Young (Force Fitness/ MNBJJ)

Kevin McAloon advances v8a decision


Scott Rigg (Aberdeen Combat Centre) Vs Henry Brennan (MNBJJ) (Gi sub only @ 70kg)

Scott Rigg wins via decision


Ashley Tew (SBG Moray) vs Scott McLellan (SMAC) (No Gi Sub only @ 85kg)

Ashley Tew wins via decision


Chris Magee (10th Planet Glasgow) vs Charles Johnston (Scottish Hit Squad) (No Gi Sub Only @ u80kg)

Chris Magee wins via decision


Jamie Harvey (Checkmat Edinburgh) vs Andy Baker (MNBJJ) (No gi sub only @ 85kg)

Jamie Harvey wins via calf slicer


Max Brereton (Stealth BJJ) vs Mark Moir (Rising Phoenxix) (No Gi Sub Only @ 70kg)

Max Brereton wins by submission


Ryan Harrower (Gracie Barra Fife) vs Shaun Gray (Fair City BJJ) (Gi Sub Only @ 65kg)

Ryan Harrower wins via knee bar


Miguel Alvarez (10th Planet JiuJitsu Glasgow) vs Stevie Waye (Chimera Martial Arts) (No Gi Sub Only @ 75kg)

Stevie Waye wins by submission


Saulius Gurbininkas (Aberdeen Combat Centre) vs Thomas Hepburn (Rick Young’s) (Gi Sub only @ 70kg)

Saulius Gurbininkas wins by decision


Becki Flint (Connection Gracie) vs Erin Wilson (MNBJJ) (No Gi Sub Only @ 60kg)

Erin Wilson wins by heel hook


Michael Love (MNBJJ) vs Louis McDaid (Immortals Gold Team) (Gi Sub Only @ 90kg)

Louis McDade wins by decision


Reece McEwan (Griphouse/Inverclyde BJJ) vs Kieran Brown (MNBJJ) (No Gi Sub Only @ 70kg)

Reece McEwan wins by guillotine


Majid Gilani (Checkmat Edinburgh) vs Allan King (Rising Phoenix) (Gi Sub Only @ u90kg)

Majid Gilani wins by decision


Martin Smith (Griphouse) vs Conor McLain (NEJJ) (No Gi Sub Only @ u95k

Conor McLain wins by submission


Olly Georgopoullos (Dundee MMA) vs Tristam Ribeiro Will (Aberdeen Combat Centre) (No Gi Sub Only @ u80kg)

Tristam Ribeiro Will wins by triangle


Mike Auchincloss (Griphouse) vs Aidan Stephen (SBG Moray) (Gi sub only @ 75kg)

Aidan Stephen wins by D’Arce choke


Thomas Nelson (SMAC) vs Sean Stewart (MNBJJ) (No gi sub only @ 65kg)

Sean Stewart wins by RNC


Jennifer Killeen (Griphouse) vs Megan Dougan (Connection Gracie) (Gi Sub Only @ 65kg)

Megan Dougan wins by armbar


Sam Quinn (Stealth BJJ) vs Jack Brown (MNBJJ) (No Gi Sub Only @ 80kg)

Jack Brown wins by decision


Nathaniel Montgomery (Griphouse) vs David Bain (Checkmat Edinburgh) (No Gi Sub Only @ 90kg)

David Bain wins by footlock


Tournament Final 

Kevin McAloon (SBG Moray) vs Dan Wood (NEJJ)

Kevin McAloon wins u85kg title by decision


Stevie Ray (Higher Level MMA) vs Ellis Younger (NEJJ) (No Gi Sub Only @ 80kg)

Ellis Younger wins by decision

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