Donald Cerrone felt “Platnium” Mike Perry’s arm “Pop”

UFC veteran Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone earned himself a first-round submission win that proved to many that he’s still got a bit left in the tank.

Cerrone finished the fight with a classic armbar in the co-main event at the twenty-fifth-year anniversary card UFC Denver, Donald Cerrone stated.

“I felt it pop before I went belly down. So the rest was just tearing the chicken wing off, yeah. I was taking it home with me” Cerrone also thought it would’ve been best for Mike Perry to at least try and roll out of the armbar, he would also go on to say that once he got the armbar, he felt the victory was his.

“Once I seen the clock, there was 30 seconds left; the monitor was right above me. I was like, oh I better spin for this armbar. I did.

Cerrone said, “He should have rolled the other way out of it, I don’t know why he didn’t. I was like, “Gotcha.” So I went belly down on it. I was just gonna take it until the referee pulled me off.”

As many of us heard in the post-fight interview with Paul Felder, he also stated that he now knows what he’s fighting for and that is his newborn son, “Cowboy” showcased a brilliant arsenal of skills that many had in doubt he didn’t have any longer just due to age or his past few performances.

Perry, however, very heart willingly and surprisingly attempted and succeeded a takedown on the Denver native. Cerrone would later conclude he let Perry get the takedown due to the fact of being confident enough in his ground game.

What were your thoughts on Donald Cerrone’s impressive win over Mike Perry?

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