BUDO Fighting Championship 35: Live Results

November 17, 2018, at the Grangemouth Town Hall. Budo Fighting Championships returns to the Grangemouth Town Hall for another action-packed night mixing professional and amateur MMA, kickboxing and Karate for Budo 35.

Results will be updated below as they happen.

WKA Cruiserweight K1 Scottish Title
Chris Romanowski (Clan Kickboxing & Results Gym ) vs Craig Dick (Aberdeen Muay Thai)

Chris Romanowski & Craig Dick Draw via split decision – Chris Romanowski wins as Craig Dick fails to answer the bell for a 4th tie break round 

77kg Amateur MMA
Kunle Lawal (Higher Level)  vs  Oskar Carlsson (Team Carvalho BJJ Halmstad)

Kunle Lawal def. Oskar Carlsson via unanimous decision

72kg Amateur MMA
Logan Reid (Urban Guerrillas) vs Rhys Cowan (Fudog Martial Arts)

Logan Reid def. Rhys Cowan via unanimous decision 

62kg Amateur MMA
Scott Davis (Urban Guerrillas) vs Max Ljungberg (Team Carvalho BJJ Halmstad)

Max Ljungberg def. Scott Davis via unanimous decision

73kg Amateur MMA
Gary Miller (Urban Guerrillas) vs Gary McMillan (Scottish Hit Squad)

Gary McMillan def.Gary Miller via unanimous decision

75kg Amateur MMA
Niki Romanski (Higher Level) vs Ola Jaccobson (Team Carvalho BJJ Halmstad)

Niki Romanski def.Ola Jaccobson via submission rd.2 (armbar)


WKA 38kg Junior Scottish Muay Thai Title
Kalvin Ross (Colosseum gym) vs Jack Robertson (Aberdeen Muay Thai)

Jack Robertson def.Kalvin Ross by majority decision

70kg Amateur K1 Kobe Osaka Karat
Steven Thomson (Kobe Osaka Karate) Vs Kris Wiseman (Macsimum Fitness & MMA)

Kris Wiseman def. Steven Thomson via KO rd.1 (punch) 

84kg Amateur MMA
James Gardner (Urban Guerrillas) vs Marcin Sinica (Independent)

James Gardner def. Marcin Sinica by submission rd. 2 (rear naked choke)

84kg Amateur MMA
Kamil Rosowski (Higher Level) vs Darren Ross (Macsimum fitness and MMA)

Kamil Rosowski def. Darren Ross via unanimous decision 

52kg Amateur K1
Evie Rolinski (Torque Gym) vs Monika Ruta (Marta Do Martial Arts Academy)

Evie Rolinski def. Monika Ruta via TKO rd.1 (knee & punches) 

73kg Amateur MMA
Oscar Smykiel (Higher level) vs Oliver Jagovic (Team Carvalho BJJ Halmstad)

Oscar Smykiel def. Oliver Jagovic via unanimous decision 

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