Luan “Miau” Santiago promises to finish Al-Selwady inside one round at Brave 23

Top contender Luan “Miau” Santiago is days away from his second shot at the Brave Lightweight world championship. After suffering an injury in a title fight he was winning, the Brazilian striker now faces current divisional kingpin Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady at Brave 23: Pride and Honor, set for Amman, Jordan, on April 19th.

As he takes a Jordanian icon inside his own territory, “Miau” promises a highlight KO in the first round and guarantees it will only take him four minutes to become the new Brave Lightweight world champion.”Four Minutes. That’s how long it’s going to take for me to beat him. I’m going for the quick KO and I’m sure I’ll bring this belt back to Brazil”, said Luan, in an interview with Brazilian premier MMA YouTube channel “Diretasso”, backing up his words with a breakdown of Al-Selwady as a fighter.”I don’t think he’s dangerous. He beat Lucas Mineiro, but Lucas was injured. I was there during fight week and I saw the injury. We studied him a lot, he just has movement, but he doesn’t have a good enough jiu-jitsu to hold me down, and my striking is way better. I can beat him up in the stand-up and if he’s not careful, I can even take him down and tap him out”.

Between the two title fights, Santiago won his international debut, dominating Holland’s Djamil Chan en route to a unanimous decision victory, back at Brave 18, in Bahrain. In his opinion, that experience will be instrumental in dealing with the opposing crowd on fight night.

Luan promises to be even more aggressive against the hometown favourite.”I’ve fought in Brazil throughout my entire career. So I was very nervous for Brave 18. It was a different crowd, different culture, new energy from the arena. But once I got in there it was business as usual, and I’m sure it’s going to be the same thing in Jordan. Since I’m fighting the local guy, my hands will be even heavier and I’ll look to hurt him more than ever”, warns Santiago.


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