Fighting for a cause

Fighting for a cause

Most people look at fighters as, big, scary, tough guys with a mean attitude.

Sure there are some, but a lot of fighters have as big of a heart, as they do their persona.

Whether it’s a trash-talking Conor McGregor who works with Crumlin Children’s hospital.

The often loud and outspoken McGregor also visits hospitals, where sick children, who don’t have much, have a visitor larger than life.

Most recently and so heartwarming, there is hope that the martial way is making a comeback, a much-needed comeback.

After a very exciting title fight between Dustin Poirier and Khabib Nurmagomedov, the beautiful gesture from Nurmagomeov when his hand was raised in victory, is a much-needed sign of respect.

Both fighters traded shirts, and Khabib announced he would be auctioning off Dusitns fight tee shirt, and donating the money to Dustin’s “The Good Fight Foundation”.

That shirt was sold for a staggering 100 thousand dollars, and even better, was matched by the UFC‘s president himself, Dana White.

Poirier will be rebuilding a water supply to a hospital in Uganda.

Cris Cyborg is often seen through her Instagram account, doing charitable works in Africa, and in the United States, with women and children.

In an interview with her about two years ago she mentioned, she’s “the champion for the women”, she wants women, and young ladies to be afforded equal opportunities all over the world.

Cris has also been photographed training in a Hijab, in solidarity for women who have to wear them.
Brian Ortega has “The Brian Ortega Foundation”, serving children and their families all over the USA.

Ortega speaks to kids at children’s hospitals about overcoming adversities, which Ortega is no stranger to that life. In order to make a change, you have to be the change, and Brian Ortega is achieving it, from a colourful childhood to humbling himself through mixed martial arts, that all lined him up for a career in the Octagon, and an avenue to help people.

The Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports (ABC) started the Retired Fighter Charitable Fund. Which supports fighters after their careers are done.

Between gym fees, training camps, cornermen, not to mention medical bills if they’re injured, a fighter’s career can be taxing. Donations can be made at

The world could use a little more from all of us, even when you have nothing to give, you have something you can give, your time and heart.

When faced with a question of what do you fight for…What will your answer be?

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