Why I Love This Game’ – Patrice Evra And Michael ‘Venom’ Page Feature In New COPA90 Film

COPA90, the home of global football culture, brings together two major names from the sporting world in a new film where footballing legend Patrice Evra and Mixed Martial Arts star Michael “Venom” Page discuss their mutual love of Manchester United, professional fighting, and music.

The 20 minute interview takes place in Page’s gym, London Shootfighters, and debuts on COPA90 Football on Wednesday, November 20th. Page talks about where his nickname Venom came from, how he got into fighting aged five, his pre-fight “trash talk,” and how he turns his aggression on and off.

Created by COPA90 in collaboration with Ten Toes Media, Why I love this Game is available on COPA90 Football channels where Page talks about his love of football – how he had trials at Fulham FC as a youngster, and how he came to support Man Utd – while Evra confesses that he’s even done a bit of kick boxing himself.

Both athletes talk about music as inspiration, and agree on the importance of being relaxed ahead of a competition. Page’s famous fighting stance – where he keeps his hands down low – is all about being relaxed, because, he says: “If you are tense you damage your body.”

Evra was always the pre-match DJ at Manchester United. He says: “Sir Alex Ferguson was the toughest manager, but before the game, I promise you, you’d come and it would feel like it was a party. Three minutes before kick-off, we’d turn the music off, and you could see that we were ready. But when I went to Juventus, there was no music, and the players were tense. You need to be relaxed and loose before the referee blows his whistle to start the match.”

Page loves to take that relaxed mentality into the cage. He says: “When I fight, I’m smiling, I’m dancing, I’m relaxed. I’ve been busting myself for months but I only get 15 or 20 minutes to put on a show and I’m enjoying myself.

Evra reveals that Fergie had a unique ability to cultivate a winning mentality in all his players – which meant they were at the top of their game for every match. He said: “When he talks slowly, you know you’re in trouble. Half time at one match, he said: “Patrice, you are playing one of the worst games I’ve seen you play for United.” I was like, really? You will see! The next day I asked him if I had really played so bad, and he said “No, you were playing too good, and I wanted to make sure you don’t slip and you keep pushing yourself forward.”

Page, 32, has a similar winning mentality with a huge 15 wins out of 16 in his MMA career to date since his first fight in 2012. The Londoner next fights at Bellator London on Saturday, November 23. Bellator London takes place at The SSE Arena, Wembley where Page will headline against 24-year-old Italian Giovanni Melillo.

Former French international soccer star Evra, 38, who was with Man Utd from 2006-2014, was widely regarded as one of the best players in the world during his prime, He’s currently back at Man Utd as a trainee coach while he completes his professional coaching badges.

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