Across The Pond Profile: Full Contact Contender fighter Jordan Barton

Across The Pond Profile: Full Contact Contender fighter Jordan Barton

Regional promotions are often considered stepping stones for fighters vying to seize the spotlight with both hands. In today’s episode of Across The Pond, you will be introduced to a judicial enforcer looking to rule over all of the European MMA scenes from the high bench of the king with his done in one approach to mixed martial arts. A professional since July 2016 and representing Blackledge MMA, Jordan Barton owns a 6-1-1 record in seven professional bouts comprised of four knockouts, one submission one decision and a draw. Barton has competed with numerous big-league promotions throughout Europe including Cage Warriors prior to making his debut with Full Contact Contender at FCC 25 in February 2020. He has gone on to finish five of his six professional victories with the bulk of those wins coming within round one and only one of the six going the full three rounds thus far in his tenure as a professional mixed martial artist.

In his MMA debut at Shinobi War 8 global warning, he defeated Damien Szczepaniak via TKO in the first round. Barton also defeated Joffery Rabatel via TKO in round one at Aeron MMA FC 1 Dawn of the Dragon. Then at ACB 70, he faced Richard Herbert and defeated him via split decision. At Celtic Gladiator 19 Barton defeated Linus Meistavicus via TKO in the first round. He submitted Rafal Statwiewicz of Poland in the first round via armbar at World Combat Fighting Championships 3 Way of the Warrior to pick up his first and only submission win as a professional thus far.

In his debut outing with Full Contact Contender at FCC 25, he took on Matthew Camilleri and defeated him in round one, The win also earned Barton the fourth knockout victory of his professional career. With five finishes in six contests, Barton is giving euro MMA a crash course in justice!

Jordan’s first-round victory at FCC 25

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