The Machine Moves On

As mentioned in the previous article, the MMA world has started to move again and still on a high from their team success in the UFC, I wanted to pay a visit to Richard Shores new MMA facility SMMA.

Armed with my partner in crime Cherie, we took a ride up to this extremely clean, highly sanitised facility.

Arriving as MMA Pros were training, following strict government rules we were greeted and buzzed in by Jack Shore who very kindly said we could train as a pair, and so we did.

Special shout out to the jolly man who took our temperatures and went over all details of the layout with us, who also happened to be one of the Dads of the up and coming cadets.

A whole range of ages train with team SMMA and it was refreshing to meet two of the cadets and hearing their progress so far.

I wanted to write a specific follow up article about this team similar to the first I had done around 6 years ago, so from an outsider looking in, I saw such a close-knit, friendly team with Richard Shore and Jack Shore always keeping their roots remembering those tiny clubs they started their journey in, with Richard always talking fondly of those days.

As myself and Cherie trained on the well set apart bags, I could see and hear Jack Shore taking a class.

A very respectful and positive coach I could see why he has become a firm favourite with everyone in this game.

I remember interviewing Richard all those years ago, and he has the same pride and drive for his team now as he did then. That has never changed.

This large team have undertaken blood sweat and tears, witnessed by myself, as time passed I saw a rise as shows took place and fighters paid their dues, the team became a force to be reckoned with worldwide.

As we were slowly packing up and all matted area was being sterilised, I had a quick chat with Jack Shore, still buzzing from his win Jack looks healthy and happy.

My findings of the team as a whole are a very loyal, hardworking bunch of pros and proteges who welcome any newcomers.

These guys are in fact a very well oiled machine.

As the world starts to turn again so do the shows where dreams and champions are made and God knows after the year we have had…

We really welcome the Champions.

SMMA is spacious with all MMA facilities downstairs, big cage, a large matted area with bags and pads very neatly placed around the outskirts of the mat.

The fitness suite is upstairs and a very open, welcoming reception area leads to mats and cage.

Big thank you to Richard and Jack Shore for their hospitality at SMMA.

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