The Rise of the Well Oiled Machine

Yes, I’m back again after a very long hiatus, and since the last time I put pen to paper, MMA has once again risen and evolved.

So let’s go over some big changes that have happened in that time.

Cage Warriors rose like a phoenix out of the fire, dominating the European MMA scene with a powerful array of fighters on their roster.

Continuing their success with a triple day comeback planned in September.

The level of talent in the amateur pool is outstanding making a very hard job for matchmakers and promoters alike.

Also, a major and very positive change since my last article on Abertillery Combat has been the success of Richard Shores team.

Jack Marshman, Brett Johns, John Phillips and Jack Shore have all made a big name for Wales with their continuing success in the UFC Octagon with Richard Shore now having 3 of those fighters in the organisation.

After her epic win on Dana Whites Contenders Series last night, Cory McKenna has been chosen to take that ultimate step into a world where this powerful small machine will fit right in.

Professional jobs in MMA have moved on making women in the Cuts or Corner care team an equal team member.

Opinions on MMA have relaxed.

The public is learning more about this magnetic sport that draws you in and takes you for a magical ride.

Slightly fewer keyboard warriors and more conversation about MMA have made friends of strangers. More understanding of the sport has taken place softening the hardened views of spectators.

There are more courses readily available making Marc Goddard and Joseph Clifford leaders in their fields of Corner Care and Officials.

These are all positive changes toward the future of MMA.

Look how far we have come in the past 5 years and how far we will go in the next.

Amateur grassroots shows are blooming with many taking place all over the UK and Ireland.

Promoters are getting ready to fire up their cold engines as shows start to ignite quietly after a crazy year.

I will be taking a peep at Richard Shores new SMMA training facility up in the Valleys this weekend to see his fighters beavering away and also to once again make a new article based on my experience as time has moved on and so has MMA.

Part 2 next week if I get out alive.

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