Across The Pond Profile: Danielle Hindley

Across The Pond Profile: Danielle Hindley

The world of mixed martial arts often teaches us to never judge a fighter by its cover when they first appear on the scene and enter the cage. In today’s episode of Across The Pond,Ā you will meet a huntress whose lock-in and latch on ground attack has foes treading on unstable ground. A professional mixed martial artist since August 2017 and representingĀ South Shore Sportfighting alongside five-time UFC veteran Manny Bermudez,Ā Danielle Hindley owns a 4-2 record in six professional bouts with all four of her victories as a pro-MMA fighter coming via submission. Hindley fought for Cage Titans prior to debuting with Legacy Fighting Alliance in October 2020 at LFA 93. She has finished all four of her wins in her time thus far as a professional mixed martial artist with four first-round finishes. Hindley has yet to make it out of the opening round or see the scorecards during her pro career with each of those victories coming before the end of the opening frame.

In her MMA debut at Cage Titans 35, she submittedĀ Brianna SmithĀ in the first round. Hindley also tapped outĀ Sheena BrandenburgĀ via triangle choke in round one at Cage Titans 37. Then in her third appearance with Cage Titans at Cage Titans 40, she submittedĀ Vanessa Marie GrimesĀ via armbar in the first round to make it three for three with Cage Titans.

At Cage Titans 43, Hindley tapped out Smith for the second time in round one via shoulder lock. The victory earned Hindley the fourth submission win of her professional career. She also picked up her fourth consecutive round one finish in a row in the process. With a 100 submission rate, time is certainly of the essence when duelling against this midnight rider!

Danielle’s round one submission victory at Cage Titans 43 against a familiar foe in Brianna Smith

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